Shave for Sex or what?

Shaving to "Me" is like wearing clothing on a hot (sun) sunny beach, . . . .
Some people do, & other more sensible folks (IMHO) do not.
It is all a very "personal" choice, & definitely "not mandatory" in my honest opinion, unless there is a "real" medical reason.

Shaving the adult human bodies to look like children to me really makes me ill inside.
Probably just some old residual disgust from being exploited, molested & abused by my DNA family, not my "natural naturist" family 😉

Being raised a Naturist growing up on a (heart) "Family" clothing optional "free" beach, I don't subscribe to a lot of what the "media" raised folks feel they have to do, to feel better about themselves, or feel they have to do to comply, & "fit in" with the "textile" addicted culture here in the USA(n) 🙁

I always chuckle to myself when out with the general Sheeple (Humans) in public , because I do not shave ANYTHING.
So many times, when out shopping or whatever 😉
Women mostly look at my "furry" legs or arm pits & immediately personalize it towards themselves, when they audibly gasp at my brazen display of NATURAL furriness. LOL 😉

Fortunately being raised a Naturist, I do not care what textiles or anyone thinks about my Natural furriness ; ) This attitude seems to infuriate some, but it is inconsequential to me, because as long as I follow my "true" Natural self in life, I don't care what the "media brainwashed" consuming Zombie sheeple have to say 😉

Live, Laugh, Love life all Naturally!
Blessed be in all your Natural endeavors 😉
Always Naturally,
Cher Bear Houston @}->—–

65 thoughts on “Shave for Sex or what?”

  1. Yeah, shaving is a personal choice. I vary in my "looks" so I get plenty of all worlds. As a spectator, we all should just love every kind of look there is, hair wise. "Variety is the spice of life", for sure.

  2. I want a Yurt out in the woods, but I'm stuck living in a house, that I gave the last bit of all the $$$ I had to get my baby brother out of a ghetto apartment complex that was responsible for stealing my vehicle, by entering his apt, & taking my keys off the hook 🙁

  3. Nice conversation topic.
    Aesthetically I love a natural woman most. I still love a shaved, or manicured woman. You all look beautiful. my fave is a natural woman.

    I think your post is to help distinguish nudist from 100% naturist.

    As a lot of us have sex… yes shaven is good for many reasons.

    Cleanliness, sensitivity on parts, and also more exposure for sexual turn on.

    Everyone has a preference for their lifestyle.

    For naked acceptance in my opinion there should be no conflict btwn nudists and naturists.

    yes total naturism means no showers no clothes no artificial shelters..wherever you draw the line.

    Shaved is beautiful to me too!

    • Such a huge grey area….How natural are you?
      I hope we all become more natural, but we all have our pace, and attachments to our current lives.
      I bet all of us here are "sheeple" as you say. Unless we live in caves or trees, we are all sheeple!

      Lets get along and get nakedness fine!

  4. Shaving its not comfortable. Much more better its laser depilation – after 4-6 time – You skin be free from hair, and easy to clean, healtier…
    But: no all People be identical, for some be the best hairy, for some "like baby".

  5. As naturists I thought we were more tolerant of peoples likes and dislikes without having to justify the reasons for being different if you don't like shaving don't do it if you prefer the smooth look it's your business. I think this blog is starting to run out of mileage but that is my opinion, no offence intended

  6. I hope you are not judging people who "shave for sex". Sex is a natural and wonderful part of life and as adults, we are free to express that and do what we need to make it better. I know from personal experience how painful it can be to remove a condom when your hairs get rolled up in the rubber. Many people enjoy or have partners who enjoy oral sex but may not particularly like the errant pube caught in their throat. Some have partners with sensitive skin and don't like the coarse hair.
    Thank goodness I don't have to wear condoms any more, for I'm like you and find dragging blades across my skin about as pleasant as wearing clothing on a hot sunny beach.

  7. Good on you for not following the flock of sheep. Mysel,f I occasionally shave my cheeks and trim my beard. Mostly for comfort. I like hair but also respect peoples freedom of choice more.

  8. I like dating woman who at least have trimmed pubic hair, When we are having sex, I do not want to feel like I am looking for a golf ball lost in the "rough" 🙂

  9. I love the sensation of a sea breeze, or any gentle wind, that "I" can only feel by it's gentle caressing of my furriness(heart) I'm still working through getting over the abuses, but once a child has been cast out for naturally maturing (puberty) it leaves a big scar that eventually has to be addressed:( That's why I ask straightforward questions, for "clarity" from my own life experiences. NOT judgements! Blessed be in all your natural endeavors

  10. Yes I have to agree with what Cher and several others have said and while I say it in a different way that is shorter. "If everyone would just mind their own business the world would be a better place. "

  11. Rich F has really hit the nail on the head.
    Surely, you would not want people to think you are ageist, sexist, racist, sizeist? So why are so many naturists getting themselves into a stance of being hairist / shavist / tattooist / piercist etc.?
    Sure, I have preferences as far as what I do or not do to my body and sure, I do find that my stance is not aligned with everyone else but I do try hard to be accommodating of all others and their differences, whether it concerns body issues, class, wealth, religion or politics.
    Unless one is actually under threat, hey, live and let live!

  12. The best part of being a nudist was the non-judgmental ways of others. I have found as of late the nude world changing just as the outside world is. More and more people live their days looking as everything is offending them. The nudist world has become judgemental on nearly everything. Doesnt matter what forum you read anymore, people are attacking others beliefs. Where is anyones safety zone? What business is it to anyone what others prefer. Why must we always need to justify the way we live to others. Thats what kids do. Is the easy way out in life. Find fault in others so as to rise above the other person. Damn it! Im sick of it!

  13. You are right, grooming is a "personal" choice and "not mandatory". There is no reason that other people removing hair from their face or any other part of their body should make others "ill inside" any more than how a person dresses or doesn't dress should offend someone else. Some people want to be hairy and others don't. It's their body.

  14. Shaving/waxing is a personal choice. Respecting others for what they value is to me what naturism is about too. If you love hair, great, if you don't great too! As you rightly say, if you want to follow the herd of sheeps and this makes you happy, so be it! As long as I can be naked and be surrounded by like minded people who love me for who I am and not who they want me to be, then peace and harmony on the world!

  15. I shave my chin simply because I don't want a beard! BUT the rest of my body entirely is naturally hairy! The only place I can't have hair where I would have liked some is. . . on the top of my head! I am the only male in my family to have developed a large bald area on my head! (why me?). . . but I haven't had any bad reaction to my hairiness. . . most people (daily) are too shocked (initially) that I am naked! 😀

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