A Family Story: Part One

I appreciate the back and forth of the conversations that have been occurring, but I don’t seem to find the time and place to interject myself into that ongoing dialog. Instead I’ll tell you a short story of family and attitudes.

I grew up in the 1960s in a large family and had no idea that my parents were closet “skinny dippers” – I didn't see their early photos from mountain lakes until the 1990’s. It wasn’t until I was off in college in the 1970s that my parent “came out”. I think they found a paper matchbook with a marketing slogan and phone number from a local nudist club along the lines of “Dare to go Bare”. After they settled in with the local nudist community, they invited me, my late first wife, and younger brothers and sisters to spend time at the club. Although several of my siblings went and participated, none found it a “calling”.

My wife, who was then living on the east coast, first “met” my mother in the early 1980s at an American Alpine Club Meeting. The exhibition hall highlight was a catalog from an outdoor company that used a nude model. The catalogs were snapped up as fast as they were set out. My mother, already a four-time grandmother, was the model. A year later a climbing buddy of mine arranged a paddling (canudling) trip in the Everglades. He invited my parents and brought his girlfriend (now my wife). The story is that they asked my mother to cover up since the gawking power boaters kept swamping the canoes (this from my wife – although I think she was an “attraction” as well). My parents (now in their 80’s) are still active, traveling, and have nudist friends all over the world. Dress code for family gatherings at their house depends on which siblings come. While some of us prefer nude soaking in the hot tub and pool, others do not. No pressure is put on anyone.

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  1. I've only just seen this blog and I really enjoyed it. My family were relaxed about clothes & the lack of them! Nakedness wasn't an issue, it was an everyday part of life. Many times we would make a last moments decision to put clothes on before leaving the house, not realising earlier that we were naked (or almost) and the outdoor world may not approve?
    My parents were naked sometimes, as were myself & my siblings, but we still think (my wife & I) we are 'normal' the other folk need to catch up with reality!

  2. I like so many of us come from a pretty "nude-friendly-NOT" family, and, while we love each other and even enjoy each other's company, the rigidity and conservatism is often hard to take. So I find a story like the one you're sharing, Mike, really heartening. You are another who gives me hope for a braver, newer world where clothes are not necessarily the norm.

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