A Jehovah's Witness at the door!

Yep, it finally happened. I was working at home on my PC, naked as usual, or at least naked as the temperature permits. The doorbell rang, and the dog went bananas, (also as usual). Calming the dog down, I opened the front door, and a smartly dressed woman stood there looking slightly surprised at the naked man in the door frame. I said: "hello, and I'm sorry about the dog noise, she'll calm down in a minute. What can I do for you?"

She slightly stammered, but was otherwise quite calm: "Uhm, well, I wonder if you might be interested in reading this?" and held out a small pamphlet towards me. as I read "Der Wachturm" across the top and "… Jehovahs …" underneath. (I live in Bavaria, Germany, btw.) Hmmm, I frowned, not being a particularly religious person myself, but took the pamphlet, being polite and saying "thank you", as you do.

I smiled inwardly as I realized I'd just unexpectedly confronted a Jehovah's witness with my naked body, (which is one of the classic fun naturist-with-non-naturist scenarios one hears about), and wondered what was our next move. She took the initiative, by looking me up and down, and saying: "Perhaps you might read the pamphlet through, and I'll come back in a couple of weeks and we can discuss any questions you might have?"

I replied with something like: "Sure, whatever, have a nice afternoon", as she smiled, perhaps a little uncertainly, before turning and walking away. I waved her goodbye pleasantly and closed the door. Perhaps she'll come back, perhaps not. Either way, it was a pleasant enough encounter, and as a bonus I have some free fire-lighting material, (which is where most of the advertising which comes through my post goes).

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  1. I smiled inwardly as I realized I’d just unexpectedly confronted a Jehovah’s witness with my naked body, (which is one of the classic fun naturist-with-non-naturist scenarios one hears about), and wondered what was our next move. She took the initiative, by looking me up and down, and saying: “Perhaps you might read the pamphlet through, and I’ll come back in a couple of weeks and we can discuss any questions you might have?”

  2. I always have more fun with the jws when i have my pentagram on.

    Someone walk into my home unannounced and un invited they get met with far more than a nude body.

    We have two friends that pop in now and then, both have keys. Both know to hollar when they open the door.

    The one next door almost walked in on me one night. My wife had called home and got the answering machine on both phones. She called her to come check that i was ok. I was just stepping out of the shower when she got to the door. 😀

      • No, it's not. You can't even be naked in your own house if the windows are open and neighbours or people outside can see you. The majority of people live in flats and there are cases of people who are prosecuted for going naked in their kitchen and someone in a neighbouring flat can see you when he looks out of his window. I'm very fortunate because my garden is very private and nobody can see me when I sit by my pond reading a book naked, which is what I always do. I think I have posted on this site one of the thousands of photos I've taken of me in my garden. LOL

        • Your pond sounds idyllic! It's sad that even walking around your own flat naked could be an offence though.

          Here in Vietnam, I live in an apartment in a communal house. It has an entire glass wall between it and the staircase, which obviously makes the apartment very visible. I do prefer to be naked in my own apartment, but I try not to be too confrontational and I always try to sit or stand out of the line of sight from the staircase.

          However, yesterday one of my neighbours saw rather more than she was expecting. She simply opened the door without knocking, walked into my apartment and popped her head around my bedroom door. I was just walking out of the shower, so she got a full eyeful. I don't know whether she was offended or not as she withdrew very quickly, but I don't feel a lot of sympathy for her!

          • Don't bother about her. If she didn't knock, she can't complain. I'm surprised she could take such liberties.

            Yes, I love my pond and my hidden garden. I posted a pic further down in this thread.

        • People in the Netherlands are pretty cool with (semi)public nudity. The other day, some neighbours were chatting with each other in front of my house when I walked naked across the room to switch the tellie on. They saw me of course, and just stepped a few paces further to avoid more views ߘ of me. I love living in a very nonreligious country.

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Richard; I enjoyed your story.
    The same thing happened to me some years ago. At that time I lived in a Bungalow. The front door was accessed through a gate that led into my rear garden. If it was warm I was always naked in my garden so I had a lot of encounters. In the end I put a sign on the gate so people knew what to expect if they opened and came through the gate unannounced.
    Most of my regular visitors and neighbours accepted this.
    MY JW visitor was a male and came in unannounced while I was cutting the grass. It was a hot day and I had some iced water on a table on the patio. I offered a drink which was accepted and was duly given a WT accompanied by the spiel. My lack of clothing was ignored.
    I was interested in his opinion on the commandment about homicide and asked if it should mean thou shalt not kill or rather thou shalt not murder. Of course the latter shade of meaning allows Christians to take part in War. True to his creed he supported the meaning as, kill; JW's IIRC strictly interpret this as meaning no human should take the life of another not even in self defence. I admire this, but the trouble with most ideology, especially when it is dogmatic; it hinders reasoned problem solving. I put to him many scenarios of the killing of a human by a human in many differing shades of grey that can not be simply answered by 'thou shalt not kill; or murder'. After taking him in a circle I ended with the obvious scenario of denying medical treatment to another on belief grounds. Despite having admitted that this amounted to breaching 'thou shalt not kill'; he reasserted that the words in the bible are the words of God, and went on his way. He did not promise to return and I never saw him again.
    If anyone would like to find out some facts about the JW movement have a look at this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jehovah%27s_Witnesses.

  4. My first wife had a sister who was a JW, and one Sunday afternoon, when we weren't home, she and some of her friends came by for a visit. Fussy didn't even let them out of their car. BTW, Fussy was a 100 pound Shepherd/Husky mix, who was VERY protective. As far as I know, that was the last time they came out to see us.

  5. I have not dared to open the door naked yet myself. This is partly because my wife is paranoid about this happening. The time will come 'though I'm sure. It's a slow build up to it.
    A great story Richard. I agree Thurston & Kim opening with your partner and both naked would be a good way to go forward.

  6. We have such a habit of putting something on every time someone knocks on the door (unless I was expecting a nudist friend) that it is becoming annoying. I just want to open up and be nude. But we tend to be concerned in areas that have been known to make a big deal out of things like this.

    • There's more!

      Sandra was at home the other day, and was in the shower when the gas maintenance people arrived to do their annual check of the system. She opened the door naked, as you do, and there stood four (4) somewhat surprised (but pleased) gas men.

      One looked away quickly, and another smiled as he said, "you didn't have to jump out of the shower on our account". Yeah, well, when someone rings the door bell, you do, usually…

      All good 🙂

  7. This made me chuckle. As an ex JW myself I have called on people in the past, sometimes finding naked people in remote areas. It didn't faze me as I was a privately practicing naturist back then as well, only I knew about it though. Not opened the door naked to a JW myself yet,but bound to happen at some time.

  8. Well let me say that Jehovah's Witnesses are a very peaceful people. They can be persistent, annoying and unwelcome but they mean no harm. They have strong convictions and should be admired for such. I'm sure with as many doors as they knock on that they encounter household nudity fairly often. I would hope that they don't judge others by weather they are dressed or not as that is not the make up of a person. Richard if you accepted literature from her I'm sure she will return. That's an opportunity for both of you to listen to each others message about what you believe in. She may be more attentive than you think especially if you can dispel nudity vs sex. If your partner were there nude as well it would even be more comfortable for her I'm sure.

    Any way we too open the door nude and the varying reactions are almost priceless at times plus there is some satisfaction too.

  9. Great story and it is your home that uninvited people come to! I have a lovely neighbour in apartment above mine who was slightly surprised to see me naked in garden a while ago but now we chat with her leaning out the window,just normal!

  10. A very nice story Richard and when this kind of thing happens it is usually a 'fun' or 'unaffected' result. I opened the door naked by mistake when an elderly female neighbour came to bring a message. She smiled sweetly and said "Ah, so you have a very casual approach to 'casual' don't you!". That was the first of many times when our neighbours saw us naked, not the last time either that I opened the door nude. It is a fairly common event now.
    Thank you again Richard

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