A Simple pleasure making a great day

As I left the gym today (having done yoga, had a swim and sauna) I realised it was a lovely sunny day, so I drove to a favourite spot and went for a walk. I was naked just yards from the car and was able to remain so for well over an hour whilst walking across open fields (barefoot as they were grass-covered) with not a soul in sight. Beautiful views as it is a hilly spot. Part of my walk was even along the "Heart of England Way" – a designated long-distance path. When I re-joined the lane on which I had parked the car I was able to remain naked, apart from putting my trainers back on, as I walked the quarter mile back to the car. Because I hadn't planned this walk I hadn't taken my camera, so sorry, no pictures, but that – and the fact that I had no more than my shorts to carry – meant that I was travelling very light and that added to the pleasure of the walk. A real example of less being more.

I was even able to drive home naked.

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