A Simple pleasure making a great day

As I left the gym today (having done yoga, had a swim and sauna) I realised it was a lovely sunny day, so I drove to a favourite spot and went for a walk. I was naked just yards from the car and was able to remain so for well over an hour whilst walking across open fields (barefoot as they were grass-covered) with not a soul in sight. Beautiful views as it is a hilly spot. Part of my walk was even along the "Heart of England Way" – a designated long-distance path. When I re-joined the lane on which I had parked the car I was able to remain naked, apart from putting my trainers back on, as I walked the quarter mile back to the car. Because I hadn't planned this walk I hadn't taken my camera, so sorry, no pictures, but that – and the fact that I had no more than my shorts to carry – meant that I was travelling very light and that added to the pleasure of the walk. A real example of less being more.

I was even able to drive home naked.

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  1. I liked your zest for nudism. After gym – your need to go out for a hike and taking nothing but your shorts to carry in hand. I especially also liked that you drove naked. That’s also one of my nudist ideals. I drive naked here in Arizona as much as is possible, take after my nudist Daddy, he has driven naked since as far back as I can recall, raised nudist, and as kids my brother and were in back seat always naked and no car-seats in those days (as toddlers if our nudist Mother wasn’t with us we both sat naked in front seat together, holding onto one another. Great feeling to be on the open roads without a stitch. Sign your a true hard-core nudist !! Stay naked man. Naked Johnny

    • After having lost my password for 2 years I’m back . . . .I”d lik eto pick up where we left off. Your off driving Naked, awfully good feeling.

      We have been down to Zipolite Nudist Beach (Oaxaco, Mexico) for 2 months.. Living Naked right on the beach, at The Nude Hotel (yep that’s it’s name) . . .Dad and I had such a great time we wore no clothing the entire time but twice . . .wish we could all live as openly Naked as we wished, the best of Nudist ideals, is to live freely of all clothing . . .Here in Arizona it has been so darn hot, over 115+ temps for months, fortunately it’s dry heat, and there is always a pool, creek, lake, pond to dive into to cool oneself down, eh Brian. So how’s life been treating you – tetired and able to live each day completely Naked as is all of our dream. Isn’t it !!

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