Bad Words, Barely !

Just over 1 week ago I had to have a day surgery procedure done in a very good hospital. The only down side was the wait prior to seeing the consultant. From that point onwards the care & totally professional treatment I received made the whole process very easy to go through. I won't go into too many details here about the actual procedure, but I must tell you about 2 'nurses' that seemed to be with me the entire time. As I expected I was told to strip naked & put on a hospital gown. If you have experienced hospital gowns you will know that rarely do they have 2 straps that actually meet up at a point where you can fasten the gown together. As I prepared to get onto the 'trolley-bed' I heard Sarah laugh and say.. "Well you obviously don't worry about your bared skin being seen!" She came and helped me lay down, then Kelly appeared to inform me (& Sarah?) that I needed to lay face down ready for the consultant surgeon. Both girls then helped me up again, after a few attempts to lay face down without strangulating some part of my anatomy I made a suggestion. "I'll get off the trolley, get naked, get back onto the trolley face down, then you cover whatever needs to be covered. With more than a 'lot' of laughter they agreed and soon this aged naked old man was laid face down with two hysterical girls stood by me.
As the gown fell loosely across my buttocks I heard the surgeon come over, the girls composed them selves as the anaesthetic was applied. While we all waited for me to drift off to sleep the 'instruments' were prepared and double checked by the giggling trio. The last I can recall before dropping into an induced coma, was the gown being pulled off my bare body. Sarah apparently said.. "Go ahead Mr Khalid he's okay being naked!"
Later back in the recovery unit I regained consciousness and realised I had a gown over me and my arms were actually in the sleeves rather than just loosely covered. I saw Kelly just a few feet away, I asked how everything had gone. She said it all went to plan, Mr Khalid was truly impressed with my range of swear words apparently ? She said he had tried to cover my nakedness but each time he did I ranted a stream of very strong bad language words. Then when he was finished the procedure he asked Kelly & Sarah to put my gown on properly, they put my arms into it and covered me quite well. Then I apparently just said "That was fun, we can do it again later!"
When my wife came to collect me later she was told the entire story. She wasn't surprised by my naughty comments to the girls but my torrent of 'bad words' amazed her, I very rarely use words like that at all, if ever.
So my nakedness roused many 'feelings' & 'mood-behaviour' ?
A very odd experience in total, but Kelly & Sarah were just fabulous fun in potentially traumatic situation!

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  1. PS: Patrick and David… Glad to hear that both of your procedures went well! Most nurses and doctors are so accustomed to patients being sensitive to exposure, that it surprises them when someone is completely comfortable with it. 😉

    • I have had quite a few hospital procedures over many years. I think that in recent years the whole experience (in the UK) has become more 'pleasant' and comfortable as far as staff attitudes. A few years back the staff seemed to be 'required' to not be too 'informal' with patients and stay strictly with the correct way of doing things. Happily there seems to be a different approach, one of putting the patient first, giving as much info along the way & respecting patients wishes in far more many ways.
      On the whole my experiences with nursing staff & with consultants has been really good, AND successful !

  2. Anesthesia does funny things…I once heard the story of a preacher who was under anesthesia for dental work and 'swore like a sailor'; of course he was horrified to hear about it afterwards, but the dentist laughed and said it was normal effects of the meds. The preacher related the story on a radio program to illustrate there are no perfect people, no matter how hard you try! 😉

  3. I had a "procedure" about a month ago. While everyone was very nice and concerned about my allergies to anesthetics, the nurses really wanted me to cover up, I explained I was a naturist/nudist but they still seemed uncomfortable with common nudity.

    By the way, everything went as planned and I didn't go under, just a little pain blocker….5 more years and we do it again…oh, and being awake, no cursing…just a couple of painful groans!

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