A story of me

I was about 10 or 11 years old and had only lived with my mom for a short while. (I am now 50) Whenever my mom and stepdad would leave the house, I would move my nudity from my bedroom to the backyard. I would run around joyfully naked, read do all sorts of activities in the backyard completely naked and didn't think anything of it. We lived in the suburbs on a nice piece of property at the time so I was able to get away with it because it was usually dark and my neighbors couldn't see me.

One evening they came home unexpectedly early because the concert they had been planning on going to see had been cancelled. As usual, I was outside in the backyard. I come up on the deck to come in the house and all of the sudden the lights come on and there is my mom, stepdad and others friends and family standing at the backdoor looking out and there I was naked as a jaybird with the deer in the headlights look on my face. At that time, everyone disappeared and my mom brought me into the kitchen, made me sit on a towel and started explaining to me that she understood that I didn't like wearing clothes and that was okay but I needed to keep it in the house or at a place where it was accepted, because I could get arrested for it. She also explained that I needed to keep it a secret because "Nobody will understand and nobody needs to know my business." I heard and listened to everything but was still too full of shock "OMG MY MOM HAS SEEN ME NAKED" to pay a whole lot of heed to what she was saying.

We had a family room that up to this point I had never been allowed to be in for some reason. I found out why a couple of weeks after the shocking incident of mom seeing me naked. I was invited in one night, there sat my mom, stepdad, Aunt Linda, Uncle Tim, Aunt Vickie, Uncle Stanley and some other friends of the family, having one heck of a jam session. They were playing instruments, singing and having one heck of a great time. Oh, did I mention that none of them were wearing a single stitch of clothing? It was at that point that I realized and believed what my mom said about it being okay. I took my clothes off, joined in the fun and never looked back, although I did keep it a secret with the exception of some close friends for many, many years afterwards.

I finally came out of the closet so to speak about my being a naturist/nudist about 3 or 4 years ago when my ever evolving relationship with God brought me to an understanding that trying to keep secrets from him and anyone else is detrimental to building relationships. At that point, I tell it to the world and am very active in advocating the lifestyle. I refuse to hide the fact from anyone and do so without fear of repercussions. Are there and will there be repercussions from being so open about it? Yes there have been and will be but I do not fear them because I believe HE has got my back and will guide me through the process of dealing with them.

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