Whose business is it?

I have had numerous people accuse me of being dishonest about other members of my family also participating in the naturist/nudist lifestyle because in all my pictures I am the only one nude and they are all wearing clothing of some sort.

1) It shouldn't matter one way or another if I share pictures of them participating in the lifestyle with me or not, you should just take my word for it even though it isn't really any of your business to begin with.

2) I do not take or allow others to take any nudes of my daughter due to legal reasons but if you dig around my profile enough you will find the strong evidence that she does not only participate in it she defends me and the lifestyle.

3) Although, yes, I do have nudes of my wife and I, she has requested that I do not share any of them without her permission so due to the tremendous amount of respect and the deep love I have for her I do not share them. Again like our daughter if you dig through my profile enough you will find the proof that she does indeed participate in the lifestyle as well.

4) My son and his significant other are not nudist at all but are accepting of it to the point that they do not mind me or anyone else being nude around them. The way they participate or show support for me and the lifestyle is they are both willing and have taken numerous photos of me where I am nude and have even been in photos with me where they are clothed and I am not.

Now please bear in mind while I am almost militant about the lifestyle, ie: I will be nude whenever I believe I can get away with it and if I am home then I will be nude, they will not. They are more like the when in Rome type of nudist, ie: they will usually only be nude at resorts or other social occasions where nudity is the norm.

I am proud that my family accepts me and are participants in the lifestyle in one way or another even if they do not get nude or do not get nude as often as I do.
Any questions?

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  1. We have had this discussion otherwise, and I fully-agree with your perspective. The fact that your family-members accept that you want to live clothes-free, and their willingness to have pictures taken with you when you are au naturel and they are dressed indicates both their acceptance and support of your lifestyle.

    I look forward to meeting you all at Cypress Cove next month for your vow-renewal ceremony.

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