Naked European Walking Tour 2014 – Sunday

The Sunday began too slowly for some, with one half of the group heading off up the hill behind the hut for a morning hike around the local area. The rest of us waited until after lunch before trailing down to the river below, which we followed down the valley bottom. A little light rain kept us occupied, and half-dressed from time to time, inbetween negotiating the washed away and abandoned trail. It was with some difficulty that we made our way along the riverside, and we were forced to cross the river twice. For some reason, Mira did not want to get her shoes wet, so I carried her across, which was somewhat entertaining and somehow made the little expedition seem a bit more serious than it really was.

We arrived at the lake, expecting a swim, to find it empty of water because of repair works at the dam head. So we simply turned up the forest trail and walked back through the forest returning to the hut above in good time to pick up the last train arrivals in Schladming during the evening. Herbert volunteered to help with the pick-ups and it was good to not have to do the trip alone, as I was uncertain precisely how many people might make this particular train drop. Our arrival back at the hut was timed perfectly with the communal evening meal which Roland and Clarisse had fixed up, with some help from a few willing others.

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