Lecherous or not?

Soooo, today have read some comments claiming that other people, mainly males, are making lecherous comments about some females pictures. This appears to stem from the words gorgeous, sexy, lovely, hot etc etc are being used on some pictures, the question is, regardless of whether or not the females concerned are clothed or nude is how do they feel about such comments? In my experience of human nature, both males and females like to get compliments regardless of their textile/nude status, and surely it is down to that each individual to say if they have an issue with people commenting on them? Or as part of their role, moderators to moderate? And not others to impose their views?
Yes, I appreciate the female form, but it doesn't always have to be nude and toned or young, their are some very attractive mature ladies who I hav never seen naked and I still pay them compliments. Surely the answer must be that is down to the image poster and/or moderators to "police" comments? Or am I just being daft?

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