A tear on my lips.

My sister Lorraine died in 1996 after a very tragic accident caused massive damage to her head & brain. At the hospital where she had been taken her situation was explained to me in graphic detail by a neuro-surgeon. I was given the heart rending task of agreeing to her life support system being disconnected. For a moment or two I held her hand, I spoke to her and asked her to take love with her where ever her soul who be, I told her that all of our life together I have loved her and as her big brother, protected & cared for her. Now at this final moment of her earth bound time I was not letting her go, I was simply sending her into her next life form. A tear in her eye rolled out and down to my lips as I kissed her, I wished her safe journey & said my last goodbye to my love, my sister Lorraine.
Now, here, today in September 2015 I still speak to her, I always have, I always will. She watches & makes her new life known to me. My father passed over way back in 1959, in September! I speak to him. My sister Kathryn passed over in 1981, a beautiful flame haired hearty spirit, now she is truly a spirit, she has sought others to share on earth. My lovely warm mother, Rosie, passed over in 1996, she comes to listen & share advice from dad.
Spirits are our connection to our loves, our own very souls, a piece of my own heart & spirit is in their being.
So yes there are spirits, there is a whole different existence, my other soul mate & very piece of me Lorraine is there with many of my other parts. They come to visit, they appear for a second, a whisp of air, an almost invisible small cloud of silver dust. A feeling, a sensation, they come to visit. By their own way they speak too, the real way of understanding, for me, is to accept, to listen, to feel & to know.
My step into their time & existence will come, when my time is done here, when the love and peace is greater with the spirits, then I will go.

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