Americans in Nantes France

Hello to all our Naktiv friends.  It has been a while since our last posts.  We are currently in Nantes France where Mike is on sabbatical at the University of Nantes.  Brigitte is blogging at mostly describing our  textile world of activities.  She did put in a few of us nude on a beach in Corsica  – and that resulted in quite a response from friends, neighbors, acquaintances.  She is surprised by the number of people following her and she just  added a “Nude 101” blog for the outside world.

We are living in the center of Nantes and have had little opportunity to spend time on clothing optional beaches.  Along the Erdre River near us, we have observed exclusively textile sunbathing.  However, last week while riding the street car in the early morning, I did see  a young nude woman dive from the bank into the water. Last week we visited La Madalenna Sardinia where a very small number of women were topless. 

I think there is a striking difference between an American beach and a textile European beach.  I see people here undressing and dressing in plain sight on the beach – exposing themselves briefly but then putting up with stupid swim suits for the rest of the afternoon.  If they are not shy about undressing in public, why not just remain undressed on the beach?

While waiting for our plane in Ajaccio Corsica, we were able to spend 4 hours on the recognized nude beach just off the end of the runway:

But air traffic is light and the beach is wide open

The beach was comfortable:

The water was clear and at a comfortable temperature:

Others on the beach were friendly;

and we enjoyed our clothes free time before heading back the the airport terminal:

We will be in Europe until the end of July.  The last few weeks we plan to be hiking in the Alps.


All the Best

Mike and Brigitte



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  1. I have always been surprised by what you mention in your post: people who don’t mind being seen naked while changing into their swimsuit. I can understand it as a short moment of freedom if on a textile beach you are forced to wear a swimsuit against your will, but I have seen it even on optional clothing beaches, where maybe half of us were sunbathing naked!


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