Since becoming a member of this site, I’m intrigued by the diversity of people I’ve come across here. I see people of all ages. For a newcomer like me, it’s wonderful to read about the experiences and hear the advice of people that have been living as naturists for decades already. To appreciate how naturism has evolved and changed over the years. For better or worse. Has a broader acceptance (in some countries) come at a price? There are many like myself that are just discovering this lifestyle (though approaching 50). There is a younger generation of naturists emerging too? They get to stand on the shoulders of those that have come before (as do I), who advocated for greater acceptance and understanding of naturism around the world. There are home nudists. Singles. Couples. Those who participate in activities with large groups. There are religious or spiritual naturists. Those who have aligned their naturist lifestyle with their spiritual beliefs and practices. Naturism is truly a lifestyle and way of being in the world that includes people of all shapes, sizes, beliefs and backgrounds.

Within this wonderful diversity, I’ve come across a situation that many members describe, which I can really relate to. That is, the impact of where (and how) we live on our freedom and opportunities to be naked. Some live in cold climates, which limits outdoor nakedness to a few months of the year. If you can take off to the sun in winter, great! But not everyone can. Others live in cities with little privacy, and worry about neighbours or gawkers, as well as possible trouble with the law. Some people have more freedom, but no other naturists nearby. Some are in mixed marriages. Half naturist, half non-naturist. Their partners may be accepting, or it may be a source of conflict.

I live in a wonderful climate, but there is no organised naturism in this country, and I don’t know of any other naturists living nearby. It’s quite conservative here, and although I’ve been discreetly naked at the beach, I would be hesitant to go hiking through the countryside naked for fear of freaking out the locals. When I see photos people post of hiking alone through the wilderness naked, or in groups on a mountainside, at rivers, lakes, beaches, I’m sometimes envious. It makes me think that I have only mastered half of the Naktiv equation. The naked part I have embraced. A growing acceptance of my own naked body, with all its flaws and imperfections. A realisation that there are no ‘flaws and imperfections’, but that each body is unique. It’s the active part of the equation that I would like to embrace more. To energise my body (and mind) by getting out and about naked in nature.

I spend a lot of time behind a desk. In front of a computer. In meetings. Travelling. So it’s not always easy to take off to the mountains and lakes. Because I live in a city in a religiously conservative country, I’m careful about who I might offend if I’m seen naked outdoors. I look forward to holidays, when I’ll have more time and freedom. To when I can swim naked in the ocean. Hike naked through the woods. But I’ve decided not to wait. A month ago I was tip-toeing around naked inside in my own house behind closed curtains. Since then, I reclaimed my garden and have been enjoying the sunshine at weekends. Working or reading or just relaxing naked outdoors. Now I’m planning a trip to a beach by a lake, where I’m on a mission to find a secluded trail where I can wander naked in nature. I’ll let you know how I get on. For now, I’m tired of being inaktiv.

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    • Thanks Richard. I’ve been so busy with work over the past months and a few side projects that I’ve not been checking in as often as I would like here. But I’ve been exploring and expanding my identity as a naturist/nudist and spend most of my time naked these days when not working. Interesting that you mention about ‘more blogs’ as I was thinking just yesterday that it’s been too long since I posted one here. So standby 🙂

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