Talking around the subject.

I’ve been noticing that many people post photos of themselves or friends on Naktiv.  Most comments ignore the person who is the subject of the photo, and only talk about the background.  Nice lighting, nice beach, nice forest, oh happy day.  The person who is subject of the photo seems to be a taboo subject for comments.   I’m sure there is good reason for that.  People don’t want to say “nice buns” and be accused of “sexual” content.  I’m finding the whole behavior silly and even absurd.  

Members don’t post our nude photos so you can appreciate our towel or our lighting.  People are arguably the most social species.  We all spend much of our time talking about, gossiping about, and looking at other people.  I’m finding the vanishing people in photos kind of crazy making. 

How about we go back to saying stuff like, “Thanks for posting the photo of YOU.”  or “Nice seeing YOU.” 
Your mileage may vary.

6 thoughts on “Talking around the subject.”

  1. Pretty sure I wouldn’t bother to comment on the hiking gear the guy/gal was wearing if they were clothed, so, that would qualify as behaving the same as if I/they were texstylin’ in my humble opinion. Among close friends at the Nudist Camp or club Comments on shaving technique or jewelry might be be better received than with casual acquaintances online. I suppose it depends on the situation.

  2. I don’t make many comments because to be honest, typically it’s a naked person in the photo. If you come across 10 photos and they all have the same person in them, but different surroundings, the only thing that is changing is the background.

    For me, all bodies are attractive. If I had a issue with the nude form, I don’t think naturism would be my choice of lifestyle.

    On the flip side, it’s good we don’t make comments about the things we don’t like about a photo. “You’re attractive, bit you’re too skinny” or “nice penis, but your cock ring really takes away from the view” are comments I wouldn’t make, nor would I want them made to me. Both are inappropriate and in bad taste.

  3. We want to be different from perverts, and maybe, we do it too much.
    People say that we “must behave as if we were clothed”.
    But we avoid comments about person depicted on photo. Therefore we DO NOT behave as if we were clothed.
    And “beautiful” does not mean “attractive”.

  4. I tend to avoid commenting on images that appear to be glamor shots. I feel there is no need to make comment. It is already evident the subject and the photographer are making a point about that persons beauty. They don’t need my validation.

    While some people have interesting things done to their bodies, I tend to avoid commenting on those things. Not everyone welcomes statements focus on body attributes, decoration or ornamentation. I avoid such statement, because I have experienced such unwanted attention at nudist resorts and on line. Usually those statements are connected with believes tied to faith.

    I am far more interested in day to day activities done by those living a nude or naturist life style. I tend to comment on photos showing those activities I do. If a person is hiking, camping or fishing in an interesting location I will comment on that. If I want to know more I will contact the person privately to learn about the place or activity.

  5. I would rather people error on the side of the picture than just commentary on the body in it. I think it all comes down to the point of this site and what nudists are looking for. In my understanding that is to take them as they are and not just to judge their bodies. Whether positive or negative, responding about someone’s body is a judgement. This isn’t a hot-or-not site. No one should be looking for commentary on whether or not they are looking attractive or not, least of all on just their bits. I agree, it is a razor edge and it is difficult to balance on it. No reason why people should not be able to say “you are looking real attractive there!” and not have that be taken as a sexual advance. Never the less, since this is about being active while nude (not just good backgrounds to nude shots) it seems appropriate to comment on the scene and the activity rather than the subject’s body. I like to say things like “looks like you are having a great day” rather than “you look great!” therefore. But its a thin line. I figure as long as folks aren’t saying “DAMN UR HOT” we should all probably just be happy, no? 🙂

  6. Probably because there were too many “Cor, blimey!” and “Wow!” and “Nice bod!” and “beauuutiful!” and similar inane comments in the past. Maybe the membership here now takes a little more care over their comments than is typical on most other sites. I’d be interested to hear other’s opinions on this though.

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