Pushing limits

I have been a naturist all of my life. I am the only one in my family, although I later found out that my deceased brother was a home nudist, after his death.

I began dabbling in nudism in my personal time. I began with experimenting with home nudism which graduated to the backyard. By the time that I left home for university, it was my preferred form of recreation. In my various residences in those days, I studied nude in the backyard. 

As a 70s student radical I have no doubt that we have been lied to by government and the media. I regard them with great disdain. My views on this are consistent with my political views and with my views on social engineering. In my lifetime we have been socialised to comply and to acquiesce to their demand that we become part of the mainstream. Media and government have worked hand in hand to weaken group identity and to make us fear being different. Many countries where I have travelled actually encourage individuality and even eccentricity.

As a nudist I see how this has affected individuals and especially women, commodifying their bodies for financial gain and setting unrealistic standards of acceptance. As a skinny teen I personally struggled with body issues and after I married I pushed my nudism into the background, following her direction in child rearing. . My wife is a beautiful woman, inside and out, but she does not want to impose anything on anyone and avoids controversy at all costs. As such we did not embrace a nudist lifestyle as a family.

Well, I am controversial by nature. So, after pushing this into the background for many years I decided when I was fifty that I was tired of living my life as others would have me, or as I assumed that they would. I decided that I would resume my nudist lifestyle. To her credit, my wife has embraced it to the degree that she can. However, her idea of nudism is that it is okay, as long as nobody knows.

Well, it hasn’t worked out that way. I have been a nudist advocate since I turned 50. I am nude in public at least once a day. I garden nude, in the suburbs, in the front and backyard. I take my garbage to the curb and bring it in while I am nude. I have talked to my neighbours on both sides while I was nude, even in the front yard. Everybody around me knows that I am a nudist and nobody complains, except my wife. Mild friction there. It is the part about keeping it secret that is the source of friction.

My feeling is that most people don’t care as much as you think they will about your being nude in public. Most of the time people just turn their heads. I have been nude in many countries all over the globe and quite freely on my suburban property. Nine houses can easily see into my backyard and I am nude there pretty much all of the time. I do early morning watering and weeding in my front yard shortly after the sun is up. I have encountered dog walkers, cyclists, and cars with no problem. I just smile and act naturally. I once had a motorist yell at me, but other than that I have no bad reactions.

My wife’s fear is that someone will report me to the police and that I will get into trouble. I get that. But I push the limits in the hope of expanding the worldview of others, that nudity is normal. 

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  1. Thanks for the well written blog and for doing your bit to promote nudity. I agree that people appear to have less of an issue about nudity than one would believe. I am certain that my immediate neighbour has seen me naked in the garden but they have not remarked, and the occasional courier delivery person has appeared to be similarly undisturbed when I have been unable to find a timely coverup before answering the door – they do disappear quite quickly after all. My wife is also an opponent and is quite vocal with her view even if I’m naked in the house “… in case someone turns up”. I keep pushing and experimenting and although my boundaries are probably more restrictive than yours (presently) it is good to challenge these as I suspect my boundaries (and my wife’s) are probably more borne of our upbringing than of the real modern world.
    I would leave a final comment – today on the Springwatch Diaries (BBC programme) there was an article about dangers to dogs in the countryside and they basically demonstrated washing down a dog including full screen shots of the dog’s genitals on daytime TV – a little unusual for the BBC, but perhaps demonstrates a greater acceptance.

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