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I have been writing blogs on the British Naturism website for a couple of years on
This is on the public section of the BN website so should be accessible to you.
At some time I may repost on here, and I'll try and post future blogs here.
Any readers are welcome to publicise etc these blogs as widely as possible.

The blogs mainly pertain to naked walking, nudity and the law, social conventions and history of nudity
The titles you will find on my blog:

Mrs May: "British people are Free to dress as they like"
How many people have seen you naked?
Are children distressed by nudity?
Is paedophilia the next ‘witch hunt’?
Freedom of the Wilderness – the image
It’s time England had a National Anthem?
Naked and ‘exposed’ in Sweden
Is it wrong for a teacher to be seen naked by his pupils?
Are you afraid to be naked in front of the opposite sex and strangers? I was!
When we were very young
Who is Ancient Brit?
History of the “Naked Ape” – 4) Were athletes really naked at the Olympic Games?
History of the “Naked Ape” – 3) Did the Ancient Brits really fight naked?
History of the “Naked Ape” – 2) Did the Ancient Egyptians really go naked?
History of the “Naked Ape” – 1) The evolution of Man
Is it normal to be naked during a massage?
Would you garden naked at your allotment?
Sauna outrage as wife taken aback by Chepstow nudists
Naked in the Pyrenees 2013
Can you walk naked from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean?
The Ballad of the Naked Rambler
Fancy yourself as a Greek God?
Are nude models really shy?
The building of a “Police State”.
Naturist Action Group project on police response to public nudity
Do you choose to take offence?
Is evidence still needed for a conviction in a Criminal Court?
A Southampton magistrate has made it illegal to be naked throughout England and Wales
Are the authorities are ignoring the Human Rights legislation in dealing with naturists?
To ‘Bear Arms’ is Legal, To ‘Bare Breasts’ is illegal! Why?
Is it legal to be naked in a public place in the UK?
Mail Online publishes pornographic photographs!

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