1. It's not just the tone of the post that is offensive, it's the use of the word cum in lieu of come and the use of all caps, which is the verbal equivalent of shouting. Also, some folks have a problem understanding that naturism isn't a synonym for eroticism. The use of sexual language when discussing naturism just reinforces the stereotype that naturists are a bunch of pervy exhibitionists on the prowl for sexual adventurism. There is nothing wrong with debating the shaved versus unshaved preference though. It makes for lively discussion. People are going to have strong arguments for and against, similar to a discussion on which way to hang toilet paper on a dispenser. We don't want to have the TP discussion. It's worse than debating politics or religion.

  2. First, I would like to apologize to everyone that I have offended by my comment. I was just stating a personal opinion and did not mean to offend. Mr. Werkhoven is correct, so many times in this world people are making every comment and gesture as something sexual. My comment was not made regarding the naturist world, but my preference in my wife and partner. I have tried to edit my comment to be clearer on this point. Again I apologize for offending anyone. I however do not apologize for choosing to not shave my body, or having my wife shave hers, I prefer to leave it as it was created. If, for whatever reason, you choose to shave your body, that is your choice and I respect that choice.

    Second, yes Mr. Werkhoven, I am married to a beautiful women and have been for the last 18 years, we have a teenage daughter. I am not a pubescent teen.

    • I certainly have taken no offense, It is all good. it's wonderful to be naked, hairy or not. Any way, what a silly thing to argue about. We all need to work together to promote nakedness all around. It will make our world a better place to live. And by the way I am in my sixties as are most of my naked friends, bares and not so pubic bares. Our one common thing is t.hat we love being naked

  3. I'm bare, and I like male and female bares, the smooth sensation to the touch enhances the feeling of freedom. Hairy and trimmed are just as nice to look at. Everyone should do as they please and we should all celebrate our common nakedness

  4. I always thought it was a silly point of interest until one day at a nudist club pool someone stated her reason for shaving. They (the women) were always able to enjoy the unrestricted view of male nudity and felt it only fair to repay with the same unrestricted view. My response was 'oh duh"

  5. First: it's no one's business what anyone does with their bodily hair except the owner's. If you do not like someone's looks, look elsewhere and leave the person be.
    Second: I object to the author of this blog and Mr. Hyde for sexualizing a none sexual personal preference. Both appear to be teens in their puberty and not adults I expect to find here. They certainly do not sound like the respecting naturist as they should.

  6. Smooth or hairy on others is equally fine for me. A matter of personal comfort to be decided by each. Too much trouble to shave daily for my own needs. Though I find that I don't have to, I would mow it down occasionally (every six weeks or so for me) the same as I do with my beard now to keep it in check if I had to. Other than that possible consideration, I never gave the matter much thought before.


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