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    • I have stayed in the east part of Algarve, next to Spain. I was invited by a friend (who also is my colleague from work) that was in a hotel with his fiancee, to extend go further south (I was in a naturist camping at that time). I stayed at a hotel (it was something I did not have for the last years cause I use to go camping) in a village called “Altura”. The hotel has a kind of private beach cause it is in from. From the beginning I thought I would have to limit my naturist activities around them, not because they didn’t know it – everyone in my friendship circle, work and family know that – but I was afraid to upset them. I came to the hotel and they said they were até the beach. I went to the beach with my bermudas, of course. Reach them and took some sun. When it was time to go to a refreshing seabath, when I was about to enter the sea I thought “what the heck, I am not going to get this wet” and also said this. In front of them I just took my shorts and entered the sea. The beach is not naturist, but it was not crowded I had a lot of empty spaces between people. I got my bath, returned to the sand, put my bermudas on and returned to them. They did not care! It was great. I could do many naturist activities cause the beaches were not crowded this time of year and people don’t care about if you are naked or not. But there are really gens like “Cacela velha” and the city of “Tavira”. Great places to visit. Great beaches and many clothing optional ones. Food is also very good. It was really good. The picture of me nude in this post was taken by my friend also.

  1. What a difference between the two photos! The colour of our body is that of the sun. The light that comes from the computer is cold, it tells us about work, about our duties. The light from the sun is warm, it speaks to us about life, about the joy of living. In comparison, you can immediately see what our elective place is

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