April 15th 2015 – First day of the season | Scott RedCloud

Woke this morning was trying to decide if I should go to the river until when I checked noticed the forecast was going to be 13°c … I told myself it could not possibly be nice enough for getting that all over tan started. Then I noticed the wind speed and found that It was going to be less than 10kph and no clouds! I said to myself, what the heck… It also gave me a reason to go on a long bike ride. If worse came to worse I was doing it for the ride at least.

Left the house around 10:30am with my shoes, jeans, sweater and vest on; it was pretty chilly out. along the way to the river which was 25km away I spotted some angry Canadian geese attacking for either territory or for a mate. They are vicious this time of year. I also spotted in Lasalle, a sugar shack buggy pulled by a horse with kids in the buggy. At this time I checked Facebook because I invited my friend Happy Bare and wanted to see if he was planning on meeting me there. He said he would go tomorrow when it was warmer.

When I arrived at the river, I was surprised to see the water level was remarkably lower than normal. Last year you could not walk down by the river because the water was very high. So trekking along in a mix of beach rocks, snow and Ice to the spot I usually go was very easy. Happy Bare wanted to know the water level so I gave him a call to let him know; little did I know he must have changed his mind because before I knew it, He said he was getting some things together and coming to the river and he’d be 20min! Ha! I knew he’d change his mind! Before he arrived I did test the theory of whether or not it was nice out enough to disrobe and take some sun. The breeze was a little cold when I tried… but then I thought to myself — Their are a lot of large rocks around here to try and attempt to hide from the chilly breeze. The Sun was very warm on the skin and the ground to the feet was very warm as well. It was just the breeze that was the issue. Sure enough it was the perfect idea to be next to a rock when it was after all, 12°c at the time.

Alex finally arrived and enjoyed two to two and a half hours of sun. Within the time we spent in the summer we took some photos braving the elements and standing in the snow, I layed in the snow for another photo and I even took a dip to my waste in 2°c icy river water! BURRRR! I cant speak for everyone here in Canada but I just can not pass up a challenge and thats why I did it. lol

Driving home was hard on my legs because they were already sore from the past rides I was doing before the total trip there and back was 50km. The workout was so worth it with the bonus that I was actually able to share some good time in the sun with a great friend!

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