Are they desperate

So today I head down to my fav beach. i see before me that lovely turn of sand, against which the water splashes. In that water are moored several boats, one in particular is a rather large cruiser. yup. Big $$$$. Now this boat is moored right near where I would normally lay. I took courage and set up in my usual spot deciding that it wouldn't bother me. I had a lovely time. Took a couple of business calls, one social call. At the end of my time, I got up to get dressed and as i did happened to look over at the boat. On the stern was a young man, 30ish and quite good looking (not that I noticed) looking my way. you could say he was staring. So what does Susan do in her new found confidence….she stares back.

Now I'm not going down that "gee I've got a horrible body" road again but i have to wonder…what on earth would he have to check out. i'm sure he could have his pick of women ??? Can any of the males in this group please explain it to me cause I just … don't… get it ???????? 😀

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  1. As per the many others, I believe it was simple admiration.

    I find it weird that if you examine our culture, it is one of conflict and confusion. On the one hand women, on the whole, dress to be noticed. On the other hand, there is an undertone of objectification throughout society, including the Middle East, that arguably, women themselves participate in.

    Consider the ratio of women's clothing stores vs men's. I noticed in Target recently the women's clothing dept takes up about 40% of the total floor space, and is forefront in the store. The men's is 5% of total floor space, if that, and has been tucked in the furtherest far flung corner. Specialist women clothing stores are another whole story unto themselves, not to mention beauty salons, accessory stores, cosmetics, etc.

    Were an alien David Attenborough to come along, the explanation would be quite simple. "The female of the species dresses to attract the attention of the male, but not all male interest is welcomed. The female is seeking out a virile attractive partner.
    This is unfortunate for the lesser males who are hard wired to admire the many attributes of the female, even when that admiration is not welcomed."

    So the answer to, "Why on earth was he looking," is simply to admire. Observing a woman is like catching glimpse of a striking sunset, or a work of art that grabs your interest. There's rarely anything sinister in it. You're just happy to have seen something you find pleasantly appealing.

    • I like what you said Shane. I think the problem is, sometimes, the way they are looking. He was just looking and yes, possibly, admiring. Others however…… Hmm. Let's not go there. Don't want to hijack my own blog 🙂 Next time I see him I shall send him a friendly wave 😉

  2. I can't see why you have a problem Susan. He obviously thought you looked good so I can't see what your problem is. This must have proved what we have been saying about you. Well done you this must boost your view of yourself. You don't have to be 21 and size zero to be appreciated. Nothing better than a good looking all woman like your self and naked and natural even better.

  3. Going to play "Devil's Advocate"
    It is completely possible that he has voyeuristic tendencies and wanted to stare at a naked women as if she was putting on a private show just for you.
    Another option, he was just "looking" in your general direction deep in thought and just focusing on what he was thinking about.
    Finally, he very well could have simply enjoyed the site before him and wanted to watch and admire for as long as possible.

    I guess in retrospect as long as he didn't "whip" it out and start jerking off, all is good. Personally, if I were to put myself in your shoes, I would simply chalk it up to the latter scenario and let it boost my ego. *wink*

  4. Well done you for getting your new found confidence.
    30ish – hmmmm – it's probably not his boat. Perhaps he lives amongst uptight people and/or has lots of guilt hang-ups so is not used to naked women. Too many possibilities to speculate really as I got over this sort of staring over 50 years ago 🙂

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