Armagedon or what?

Mmm.I was asked by my son the other day why there is so many adds on TV and radio from funeral companies(up to 10),Insurance companies(lost count) and government health adds regarding every disease under the sun.My answer to his question.
ARMAGEDON son.Just i guess they forgot to tell us.Oh and if you're over 50 maybe you shoyld be looking at a retirement village.mmm.NOT!!!!.

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  1. Honestly Happy bare,yourself and i surely arent the only ones who know that its a form of mind control.Classic case is "Reality TV".Was a dictionary consulted to see what the definition of reality was.i cant find any reference in there describing reality as"scripted and edited".Another form of mind of mind control.Naturism can never and will never be mind controlled.What you see is what you get.The bigots,hypocrites,religious zealots and any other minority idiot dont realise "happy bare",but all they are actually increasing public acceptance of the naturist cause.Everyone hates a they are not doing themselves any favours.

    • The essence of nakedness is that it unites all of us as being simply human without the accouterments of invented labels. In our nakedness each one of us becomes a unique human being and yet as a group we are indistinguishable one from the other.

      • Well HB,I thought here in Australia we were conservative and backward when it came to public acceptance and legislative restrictions towards nudists, but i would have to say that Britain takes the cake at the moment.At least here in Western Australia ive got 2 million sq kms of WA and 22000kms of coast line to find serenity and tranquility in the "NUDE" with my girl and friends.We are one in the same buddy.cheers

  2. In North America it is the culture of fear. Business has learned that you can make much more money by scaring people than by trying to convince them why something is good for them for more innocuous reasons. This is especially true with nudism. Convince people that nakedness should be feared and they will become clothes racks for life.

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