Standing up to righteous bullying.

MrJeeper: I don’t understand having trans-gendered people on the site or even having it as a choice of sex on the profiles. It is not “NATURAL” in the least bit to be taking hormones to become something you aren’t.

Richard Foley: I can see where you’re coming from, Bob, and sympathise, but we try not to be too judgemental here, there’s enough of that on Faceache. I think you’ll find Naktiv site policy aims to be inclusive rather than exclusive.

MrJeeper: “Inclusive” is the reason why this world is so messed up. No one wants to stand up for what is morally right. It is easier just to give in. You have opened the door for all sorts of other perversions. I, personally will not be a part of it. Goodbye friends.

Richard Foley: Nobody amongst the admins here is “giving in”. If anything, the Naktiv position is the one which is standing up to the kind of puritan religious and corporate fervour which so damages people the world over. The charge of “opened the door to all sorts of perversions” is a vile comment to make in any place, but certainly expresses a particular Faceache-like mind set very clearly. Morality is very often merely another word for “my personal opinion”, or “what my neighbour (might) think”. Any truly moral person would have no issue with what is essentially someone else’s private life. Unfortunately too many people feel the desperate need to rightously judge others.

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  1. When Mr Jeeper responded with “No one wants to stand up for what is morally right.” I read it as “No one wants to stand up for my prejudice.”

    Many people start in Naturism and/or join this site, or others like it, to overcome body image issues they may have. Surely the people with the most issues are those who feel they were born in the wrong body, so why would we want to deny them access to something that might help them come to terms with that?

    I admire anyone who is prepared to say “This is me, please accept me as I am.”

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