David, a committed nudist in N AL



David, a committed nudist in N AL





About me

50s Married Male that was born a Nudist. Since the age of 5, my family has known I had a nudist gene in me. I started sleeping nude at 9 and I was allowed to be nude at home in front of my parents and others by age 12. I have been with AANR since 1998. I am a Christian Nudist. I love to hike nude and could do more traveling if someone wished to travel. I am up for a WNBR event. I am pretty much a hardcore nudist. IE I dont go to nudist events and places and wear clothes. Never understood the concept of CO myself. IF YOU CAN BE NAKED, THEN BE NAKED! I dont own any underwear, going Commando for 25+ years now. I have written blogs about Nudism and Body Shaming for years. I have decided to pause my blog for the time being. Currently, I have 12-13K Followers. Dedicated Christian Nudist and Body Acceptance Advocate. Nudism is such a large part of who I am, I could never see myself not being a nudist, or not being naked. I feel like it is truly part of my identity. I travel, visited several resorts, camp, hike, swim, etc. Would like to develop a small group of dedicated nudist friends here in N AL and Middle TN to travel and hang around with. I have an 0ga PA and 5 tattoos. I have a deep love of body jewelry and piercings. I love anything tastefully done with piercings and tattoos. (Please, no ed hardy stuff.)

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Who I'd like to meet

Would like to meet and establish a small Nudist Group (5-10 people) for the N Alabama Area. I own a pool and can host. Males, Females, Singles Couples are all invited…



To Kill a Mockingbird, The Cabin, anything up lifting, anything educational or historical…


To Kill a Mockingbird, In Harms Way, Austin Powers, Anything Mel Brooks, Thomas Crown Affair, Forest Gump, Marvel Avengers, rom-coms, I am a true fan of non-slasher horror too.


60-70-80s Rock, Classical, Theatrical-Broadway, Black Jacket Symphony, Yankovic! Some limited new stuff too. Ambrosia, Eagles, Beatles, Michael Jackson, Adele, GVW, some Contemporary Christian.

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AANR Member for 20+ Years


Heroes: Dr. King, Rick Warren, Lincoln, the AANR Staff, Ton Dou, any proponent of nudism.









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