Nudist or Skinny dipper?

Hi my naturist family,when i first fell in love with Naturism was when i was a teen at High School.My family had brought a corner store on an island off the coast of Auckland in NZ.Waiheke Island (why-heck-he).One day after school a group of us, girls and guys decided to go down the beach,i tol d them i didnt have my bathers,they said no problem,ok jocks then i thought.As soon as we there,within what seemed like a milli second they were naked and running towards the water.With a little bit of incouragement they soon had me joining them.A friend of my mum happened to be there and told her that she had seen me at Palm Beach.Well when mum told me i was quite embarassed."oh i dont mind love if you skinny dip with your friends,just don't become a nudist,people might think you'restrange.That was 40+ years ago.mmm ok mum I'm still skinny dipping because thats not rude,but to swim nude,heavens above what would they 🙂

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