ART and Protest, Guerilla Galleries

I thought some people might like to see these pictures which I took at the recent ART and Protest event for a 3 day exhibition by Guerilla Galleries in London.

And this, a blog I wrote about the evening on SunZu a social/business networking site where I blog (formerly called Ecademy, so my historical blogs are a bit compressed).

I am intending to write a naturist-friendly article for the Naturist Freedom UK wordpress account but it's been stupidly busy these past few days so it's on the back burner;

Suffice to say, it was a fabulous evening and the naturists who were in attendance really enjoyed the event.

And the Urban Nudist were there too. Look at this great little preview which gives you a real sense of the exhibition;

The Urban Nudists are a group of broadcast journalists who are doing an MA and were tasked with creating a naturist website as part of their studies; and they Tweet which is how I first came across them as an inveterate Tweeter (
The Urban Nudist on Twitter;

Back later. I'm off on the Tweet now……

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  1. I think it's ok Richard, they're well aware I've been blogging about it because they're also in Naturist England and I copy them in on all the relevant Tweets. It's good PR for the gallery and the small independent brewery I mention in the blog (established in 2011) xt Brewery who were there for the clothes optional preview as one of the sponsors.

    There was some lovely artwork there. I'll see if they would like to join the Naktiv site. Far better that they add a thread themselves than any of us create one on their behalf and I know from a recent Watch this Space Tweet, they have other events planned

  2. Nice to see some artwork from the Guerilla Galleries here. I wonder if be plausible to post a couple of examples, as advertising for the Gallery maybe, in the Art section here? I guess it'd be best to ask for permission to post, unless the image had a person in front, or something like that, which made the shot not just of the artwork itself.

    Perhaps a Guerilla Gallery group?

    I really like the dog/wolf (etc.)

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