Does nudity really matter?

Of what matter should one's state of attire be to anyone, whether nudist or textile? OK, being a Bostonian, I'm still kinda numb after yesterday's events. I'm not going to even try hard here to relate my thoughts to the subject of nudity, nor dream that nudity provides an answer. Once again, we have been touched by senseless violence. And we all are touched every time it happens, no matter where in the world. After many thousands of years, mankind still finds it necessary to beat the living snot out of one another over disputed issues, real or imagined. Yet we remain a thriving race, a testament to the overwhelming goodness that we harbor in our hearts towards each other. Or maybe we've thrived only by the grace of God. Rest assured, I am not advocating for any one of the world's petty religions, when I mention God in which I firmly believe.

Every advance in our technology has multiplied the impact of us being able to act out the best and worst of our instincts, enabling both individuals and nations to do more of both. Ironically I was just talking with friends over lunch on Saturday about how media coverage of atrocities was virtually unknown at the beginning of our Civil War in the US. People in high society even drove out in their carriages from Washington DC with their elegant picnics to “experience” the opening battles in neighboring Virginia. They were not prepared for what the saw. Our world has not been the same since. Yesterday another of my friends caught in the turmoil less than a half mile from the finish line on Boylston Street, instinctively pounded out…more correctly thumbed out "WTF" on his smart phone and no doubt received numerous replies immediately.

Social media is the latest and perhaps the most potent tool to be placed within our hands, certainly the most fascinating to yours truly who came of age during the brutal savagery that our nation committed in the name of good in Viet Nam. Yesterday’s bombs in Boston may have been inspired and enabled in part by the expansive power of social media. Yet I remained convinced that it is that same power that will enable our species to eventually find and embrace the best of our natural being and transcend the worst of our ape based roots. Such was certainly the case yesterday in Boston. If acceptance of us occasionally going about our business in a natural state becomes more broadly appreciated through the process, so be it. I would be an even happier camper. –freewalkerma–

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  1. Thanks for your comforting thoughts Yvonne. Certainly, when I'm in my element and nude, nudity matters immensely to me and everything else falls into perspective. However, there have been times this past week like last Monday when I was moved by emotion to write the above piece, and last night when we all here in Boston experienced closure of sorts when my nudity does not come to mind. Now only relief, and pride in our amazing community and it's heartfelt embrace of a remarkable and effective police action. None the less, nudity is my own personal thread that weaves it all together through all.

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