Midlife is an interesting time.

On the one hand it's going to get easier now, it's all downhill from here. On the other hand, even going downhill can start to hurt the creaky old knees. After the hustle-bustle of courting, the toil and strife of marriage, and the wonderous and challenging experience of parenting, coupled with carving and maintaining a career, and paying for all the things which need paying for, many people find simple nudity a particularly relaxing experience. Exploring being naked in a private or a public space, depending on both your inclinations and your opportunities, can be a great leveller for any age group, perhaps it just comes a little more naturally to the slightly wider in the middle set, or perhaps it's a result of being simply a bit less stressed. We realize, finally perhaps, that there are, after all, more important things to worry about.

Never mind that we're not having to impress the other (?) sex with our smart clothes and earning/mating potential, now we can relax and just enjoy the simpler pleasures in life. Happily, we find it's cheaper too, getting through less clothing, using less washing powder and cleaning chemicals, and bound with this of course there's the extra pleasant fuzzy feeling from the self-satisfied knowledge that the lifestyle is more environmentally friendly, too. And, for those who do not come from life-long nudist families, perhaps a change is as good as a rest.

Crisis? What crisis?

22 thoughts on “Midlife-crisis?”

  1. Nicely put Richard. Nothing I can dispute in there, me coming on to 65 in a few months. Certainly no crisis. Yes Gene, Yvonne is realistic…the aches pains and rust do come in time. If you're like me, they've become background noise that you just don't bother to notice anymore. A treasured patina, if you will. Sounds like you've mastered that part of it pretty well, what with your mishaps Gene.

    One just savors the moment, then the next, doing things you probably couldn't get away with when younger, like nonstop nudity interrupted only when absolutely necessary by the wearing of loin cloths and other minimalist garments, and showing up for work occasionally.

    My advice: Embrace your spirit, your nekkid body has no choice but to come along for the ride. And what a joy ride it can be! I have an 85 year old freehiking buddy who joins our group regularly for 10 mile treks into the Vermont hills. He rafted the Grand Canyon last year, naked. I want to be like him when I grow up.

  2. I've been hit by two cars in the last 7 years, one broadsided me and the other I broadsided at full speed on a bicycle. I came out black and blue when I slammed into that car, shredded my clothes, bleeding… and it drove away. I managed to get a plate and was a block away from a Police station. While I was getting mended up, the driver walked in. Not sure if they called him or he just got scared and showed up. The other one I got stuck in the grill, bike and all as the guy was driving and then he looked forward to see his new hood ornament. The look on his face was priceless.

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