Our first time as Naturists

As first timers to naturism my wife and i thought we would try a short break first to see if we would like it or not, so we booked a weekend away at Pevors Farm. as we were waiting for the time to tick past we were very excited about going to a naturist resort and meeting other people. When the last few days started to tick past and getting closer to the day we would depart we were feeling very nervous and wondered if we are going to be able to do it. I was very nervous about the major wanting to say hello and embarrassing me. The day arrived for us to pack the car and funny enough we could not wait for the time to tick past so we could get on our way to Pevors Farm, when we arrived a little early ( i did try to drive slow) we waited in the car for about 4 minutes John came out after showing another couple their accommodation he warmly greeted us and showed us where we were staying and then we had a tour of the facilities.After the tour he took us back to our car to unload half the supermarket and off license. As soon as we got everything in our lodge, Kelly said we got to unpack but by then i had de-clothed grabbed a towel and was out the door heading for the swimming pool. Five minutes later i was joined by Kelly, WOW! what a feeling swimming in the nude, we both said we dont want to swim any other way but the water was a little too cold for us. After we dried off and got back to lodge we grabbed another couple of towels and started on getting the white bits not white, 20 minutes past and Margaret was showing another couple around and introduced us to them and it was funny us being naked and they being clothed and i felt a little vulnerable but that soon past. It was not long before Margaret came through again with another couple staying and introduced us to them aswell. After dinner we played a few games of pool which was a little weird as we have never played naked before but we soon forgot about it and were looking forward to do a few more things naked. Saturday came and after a quick early morning swim we were back on the loungers enjoying the sun, we had a wonder out to explore the meadows but we only got as far as the chickens who came over to say hello as the wind picked up and sent us back to the sun loungers.That evening we talked to a lovely couple Pat and Mo from Bristol, they told us they had been naturists for more than 20 years, they made us feel even more relaxed while we were talking. After a couple of hours in the hot tub we played a few games of pool and went to bed. Sunday the wind had dropped although there was a little breeze we ventured out to have a game of pitch and putt what a laugh. We felt so natural playing in the nude and after we had a walk around the meadows and that was fabulous we loved every minute of it. Later on we chatted to a couple from Wales who were on their 25th wedding anniversary who were very pleasant and relaxed. After a cold dip in the pool we ran over to the hot tub and found out where we had caught the sun (ouch!) we did not want the day to come but it did and we had to leave we are now hooked on naturism and cant wait to do it again. We would like to thank all you naturists for welcoming us to your flock. (sorry that i have whaffled on a bit)

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  1. The pitch and putt sounds like a lot of fun. There's an Eco park we stay at on the south coast that would be a perfect naturist location. Unfortunately it's not, and my wife has no interest, but the similarities of the facilities brings it to mind.
    Reading about the great time you had is very heartwarming.

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