Barely Happy To Be Barely Alive!

I am really pleased to be here, there are so many familiar names already in the members list that I feel at home. I am a 63 year old married Yorkshire man who has only recently returned to live in my family home city of Hull. I married Rosemarie in 1995 and a year later I found we were living in Lincolnshire! As a lifelong naturist who had joined YSS in 1984 I suddenly felt like a fish out of water. In a different county, married and away from many naturism pals. Now as illness is taking over my body, as my bones crumble & my intestines begin to grow pouches (?) I can at least be on familiar ground. I am confined to home naturist activities now but lucky enough to have very understanding friends and neighbours. From the cat next door to the TESCO delivery staff, our nudism lifestyle options are as accepted as any other choice we could have chosen. We don't get anything extra from delivery people (even Wiltshire Farm Foods) for letting them see our nakedness, but the happiness we see on many faces around us helps to compensate to a degree for health issues.
From my very fortunate beginnings being born into a very liberated household, through many nude holidays, many naturism social events and hundreds of lovely people we have encountered, we both ( and myself specially ) feel we are in a good stage of life. Even with the friends I have recently acquired via my Facebook group (NaturistAndProud) there is a new sense of life with fun back into it. So thank you in advance for your own friendliness to an aching soul, I trust we'll all get along very well.

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  1. I will always be amazed by the human naked body. Where you are in the world may have some influence on when or where you can be naked. The most restrictive force against nakedness in any form of social situation, is us ourselves. Do we present a correct idea of naturism to the rest of the earths populace, or is it just simply the human body itself that is the problem. I love being naked and seeing other adults & families being naked too, but just take a look and I think you will agree, the human naked body is strange !

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