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If you ask someone what he or she feels is REALLY important in life, then typically you get mostly answers like love, being happy and healthy. That the first two are often intertwined with each other is obvious, but health is often an outsider. By many authorities like (semi-) government and businesses we are often told what is good for us and often have we inherited some values about the matter in our upbringing. In addition to healthy eating, we often learn that good hygiene is important and there are various products being used, to emphasize hygiene. In particular our largest organ, the skin, has to endure a lot, when we see what kind of abuse it needs to undergo by products which provide an artificially layer of 'health' . Because we use a variety of cleaning and beauty products for our skin , we thus directly affect our health too. Namely, the reason is, that we are constantly disturbing the balance sheet of our skin, including eliminating the natural skin oils and replace them with artificial surrogates , who also suffocate the skin . As a result, we lose the natural protection against all kinds of fungi, viruses and bacteria, which the skin provides, when it is stripped by these products. The solution is simple and is already being used by a growing number of people , namely by simply stopping the use of these substances . I hear you thinking: not using soap, shampoo, conditioner, creams and ointments (if not on medication) anymore? Indeed not, because that will restore the balance of your skin and its effects will be visible already within a month. Only washing yourselves with water is sufficient, despite whatever is told … In addition, it is wise to let the skin breathe as much as it can and not to hide it immediately in layers of clothing every day. It is not for nothing that most people feel best in summer or that a day in a spa works so invigorating . It’s not that I think that everybody should turn into an active social nudist immediately, but the health of every human being benefits with a little daily home nudism.

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  1. I don't use soap and neither deodorant or perfume, instead I use 100% organic coconut oil on my whole body. It's a natural scented product which is easily absorbed by the skin and it helps against sweat, although my body odour very neutral. This the result or not using soap and a healthy lifestyle (no smoking or drinking either). I can tell you that I am much stronger and healthier now at age 46, than I was was in my twenties and thirties.

  2. Soap only in critical areas, but the rest of your body should be able to cleans itself naturally. A study showed that breast cancer was also due to women packing underarm deodorant which seaps into the breast tissue. Men evaded this by having hairy armpits preventing as much absorption. Soap ages you prematurely. Also, kids playing in the mud and dirt become more resistant to germs. That's old school!

  3. I haven't used soap for many years. Only water. A few weeks ago my wife and I watched an interesting documentary about breasts. There is some very disturbing information coming to light. A lot I've suspected for a long time. In short the toxins and pseudo hormones we ingest through cosmetics, plastics and food etc goes a long way to explaining the alarming rates of cancer, obesity and other significant health problems in the world.
    As Leo points out, much of our behavior is driven by misinformation, taboo and predominantly fear.
    A house that is 99.9% germ free is an incredibly unhealthy place for the immune system. It needs a dirty environment with harmless bacteria to build itself up against truly harmful bacteria.
    To a certain extent I've always felt that being brought up in a farming background has been a great advantage. You're not scared of dirt or getting dirty. People raised in the city or town seem to have an unhealthy attitude to dirt. If something is grubby by all means wash it. If you've worn it once by all means air it out in the sunlight. It doesn't need to be washed. The UV and air are as good as the washing machine. We're destroying the environment with all our incessant washing and it's making us sicker and sicker.

  4. Totally agree with you Leo, all you need to wash is water. Add a little tiny bit of soap if you are really dirt, like a car mechanic's hands. Don't run your skin until it's pink, you're just abusing the skin. Don't use chemicals and abrasives, just water. Spend time naked so your skin dries out properly, especially around your bum and bits, and spend time naked in the sun. The sun really helps your skin be at it's best.

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