Being naked…

… means for me freedom. I´d never seen People turn in to violent. Also I had never seen drunken People on the Nudist beaches. Everybody lives in harmony with his neighbours and himself. Only sometimes someone starts to look around for the naked People,but if he or she is also naked it is notthe Problem for me. I only don´t like the People who are clothed on the Nudist beaches. It is also not usual to have loud Music in the Nudist Areas.
Nudism means freedom, silence and harmony for me. Just like in paradise….

6 thoughts on “Being naked…”

  1. I'm with you on this one Patrick. I live at a nudist resort and every few weeks in warm weather we have a dance. Some of the members and patrons will get completely snockered. But like you say there is never any trouble.

  2. Mostly I agree, but I have seen drunken naked people. At one major celebration party which was attended by more than 50 nudists many got 'very merry'! In fact I got drunk, so did a few other people. Where we differed from ordinary public at this event (apart from being naked) was that we just all had a very good time and there was no trouble at all. Not even any arguments! Some so called 'adult humour' threatened to go beyond acceptable standards but 'respectability' was soon regained.

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