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    • Yes. AANR has a strong financial interest in limiting nudity to (fee based) clubs. While that continues to maintain a low level of nudist attendance, I'm not sure that its has ever nor will ever be a good thing for restoring fundamental human rights to our bodies.

    • Exactly. AANR works to limit public nudity to rare and restricted areas that they call "appropriate." First paragraph on that AANR site, "Advocating for nudity within appropriate settings…"

      Its time to demand fundamental human rights to control our own bodies in all public places.

      • I belong to a nudist club in Indiana. The club has 2 sections separated by a public road. There is a fence and vegetation that shields most of the club from the public. One summer a police car would park on the road in attempt to catch any public nudity. The ironic part is when people lock their keys in their car, the club calls the police. They come into the club and unlock the car. I have to wear towel on the road to greet the police, and took it off directing them to the locked car.

    • I am not going to bash AANR, I've been a member for decades. True, they do have an agenda that is biased in favor of landed clubs, but they have done a great job at introducing thousands to legitimate social nudity. They also work quite diligently at trying to derail wrong minded nudity legislation around the country and are quite successful at it. I have my differences with many of their positions and actions but still believe they serve an important purpose.

  1. Like Bob, and no doubt many others on Naktiv, I have been an active nudist for many decades (approaching 5). For years, beginning in the early 70's for me, nudism was pretty much a strictly closeted social network. But I can tell you that in the last 20 years, since the mid 90's, the world has really started modifying their attitude about public nudity. Not to say that we do not still have a long difficult slog in front of us, but with the rise of legitimate nudist resources online along with a growing collection of nudist recreational outlets, from beaches to hotels, to B&B's to parks and rivers and lakes, as a movement, we are growing in strength every single day (sorry if that was a run-on sentence). And the rate of acceptance is accelerating and will continue to accelerate until critical mass is reached around the world.

    Those who believe this will never happen in their lifetimes, may indeed be proven wrong, but my bet is that some of us will experience varying degrees of increased freedom, in their locales, in their productive lifetimes.

    That's my dream and I'm continuing to dream it.

  2. Dear Bob Knows… whilst I in principal agree with you entirely, while most societies see nudity as a sexual expression and not just a hatural desire to not wear clothes, your "rights" should not be made…
    Until society realises that we, humans, have a rightto be baked, without suggesting that this is a exual activity, there is no hope to move forward with your "rights". I am now 56 years old and have been a nudist for at least 40 years… it has taken me (even) some time to understand this fact…
    I am sorry to say this, but I know that it is true…

    • Yes. For at least 40 years the AANR has declared our (right) to hide behind fences (for a fee). It has done nothing to promote general acceptance of human bodies. Its time to start demanding a fundamental human right to make our own decisions about our own bodies, "Our body, Our choice." Its time to demand an end to political insults that humans are inherently "obscene." or "indecent" just for being seen. We will never get anywhere when we only declare a "right" to capitulate.

      Also. It doesn't matter that humans are naturally sexual beings like all other species. We need to stop making that point all the time. It only weakens the rest of our argument.

      • I agree with all your sentiments Bob except for your disdain for AANR. The AANR bill of rights should be seen as a starting point. A compromise that is more achievable in the short term than yours. I want yours to happen too, believe me, but societal change is a slow process and not affected by a list of demands. The world still has a lot of growing up to do. You can't just demand that they accept something they don't like and expect to win – especially while they are the vast majority.

        • The thing is, one does not compromise by starting with the compromised position as a goal. Start with goals that allow you to give something up for the compromise, then move to the next step. Gun control advocates in the USA are absolute experts at establishing compromises and baby steps towards their goals.

  3. I jotted down a better list of RIGHTS that we ought to be demanding of our politicians.

    1. Nudists have a right to hold our own values and beliefs, free of the religion or prejudices of others.
    2. Nudists have a right to be free from libelous slurs by politicians, public officials, and laws. No human being is “obscene,” “indecent,” nor frightening or harmful for simply existing and being seen.
    3. Nudists have the right to enjoy nudity or eschew clothing in public places whenever they decide.
    4. Nudists have the right to decide in upbringing of our families consistent with our nudist beliefs.
    5. Nudists have a right to assemble and/or engage in any normal human activity while naked.
    6. Nudists have a right to control our own bodies and to decide for ourselves what to wear on not wear. Our rights are not based on, nor limited by age, gender, marital status, religious beliefs, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.
    7. Nudists have a right to be naked on all public lands. Government has no legitimate authority to control our bodies nor force us to hide ourselves from view.
    8. Nudists have the right to be free from adverse actions by employers for nude activity outside of work hours.
    9. Nudists have a right to display their beautiful human body in arts, literature, video media, and on-line sites without restrictive censorship, blurring, or cover of body parts.
    10. Nudists have the right to be accepted as law abiding citizens while naked.

  4. "3. Nudists have the right to responsibly enjoy nudity within their homes and on private property"

    The AANR gets only to #3 before they deny that we have a fundamental human right to our own bodies everywhere. #3 implies that we only have a "right" to go hide behind (fee based) locked doors and high fences. This is NOT a bill of RIGHTS. This is a demand to limit general human rights, and limit nudity to commercial locations with high fences.

    I strongly disagree with AANR about human rights to OUR bodies. AANR has a vested interest in limiting human rights so their member resorts have a market.

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