Blogging as blood sport

We have a unique forum. Unlike other nudist sites, this one gives nudist bloggers an opportunity to select a topic and post relevant rants or subject matter pertaining to that topic. Many of the other nudist groups have groups you can join for like minded people, and this site is no exception. (Although, cooking in the buff is not a good idea if it involves fish and a deep fryer and frozen french fries). So, what is the point of this blog? Why “Blogging as Blood Sport”? Well, click bait, d’uh? No, it’s really about why we feel the need to express our outrage over whatever, no matter how small the slight. And there’s the rub. What I  previously posted may have been a justification for prudery, well, not this one. I have voted red and blue, and green, and I can justify conservative and liberal leanings, so don’t think for a second I can’t defend or shush prudes or exhibitionists, without being a hypocrite. We are not a nation or country or world of black and white. And where there is grey there is leeway.

I don’t believe anyone who read the MISSION STATEMENT, really intends to violate the rules. I don’t believe people who have called out others for posting offensive (or at least what they deem offensive) material are just being prudish, okay, you have to admit some of you are, but not all the offended are wrong. So, where does that mean I am going with this? Well, for one thing, lighten the hell up. It wasn’t that many years ago, a full frontal male nude was illegal in movies or got an X rating. It wasn’t that many years ago that female pubic hair was airbrushed out. So, times change.

Before you seek to ban a photo, ask yourself, why?

3 thoughts on “Blogging as blood sport”

  1. I have nothing against exhibitionism. The word and concept of “exhibitionism” is a derogatory term for anyone who wants to show off themselves. I even champion acceptance of erect penises at nude venues because men must be acceptable despite a man’s sexual thoughts and responses.

    However, posting photos focusing on sexual “bits” is porn, not nudism. I want to see your smiling face to know who you are. There are plenty of web sites where gay men and straight women can view erect penises, and sites where you can post photos of your own bits. I enjoy seeing female “bits” sometimes and sometimes I look at web sites where they are the focus. Porn is close to half of all web traffic so just about everyone on Internet spends some time viewing porn. No problem. But that is porn and this is nudism.

    Post your nude selfies of you mowing your yard, planting your petunias, riding your bicycle, walking your dog, fixing your roof, playing at the beach or mountains. But save the masturbation selfies for a porn site. Thanks.

  2. Lighten up is good advice for everyone. I always find it extraordinary how some people can get so upset about what other people post online. Then also amazed at how some people react to being politely criticized – if you’re going to post something, then you’re going to get a reaction, positive or not. Even more amazing is the hysteria which results from a warning shot across the bows. Even if Naktiv is very open-minded, every site has rules, get over it.

    ps. love the blog title 😀

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