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Dear All Naturist Friends,
First off, happy new year, if it is not too late!
Well, in observance of the new year, I decided to go for a blood donation. Do not get me wrong; I do this on a regular basis, but the fact that it was New Year's Day kind of added to the fun and joy. Everything turned out just fine, but while I was sitting in that professional armchair with the syringe stuck into arm, all of a sudden I had this funny idea of giving blood in the nude. I know the idea may sound kind of outlandish, but would it be possible at all? And if so, has any of my dear fellow naturists ever had the opportunity? Thanks.

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  1. It's of course impossible in my country where you go straight to jail if you do that. Also, in my country, the onus is on all donors to guarantee that their blood is not tainted with HIV or Hepatitis, etc. You have to fill in a form before you donate blood and you must state if you have had (1) sex outside marriage (2) unprotected sex and (3) gay sex. There is a time frame given. You are only eligible to give blood if you reply in the negative to both. And if subsequently, your blood is found to have HIV for instance, you will be prosecuted and your face and identity are splashed all over the papers. The presumption is made that you have lied in the forms you filled in and you have endangered the public by your murderously selfish act. And it doesn't matter if you are a family man who has never done any of those risky things and you might have just stepped on a tainted syringe on a beach somewhere. It's hard for lots of people to understand the kind of country some of us live in. And how hard it is to even be a mere naturist in such a country. 🙂

    • With such draconian attitudes I would imagine you have a shortage of donors!

      We have to answer similar personal questions about our sexual behaviour as well as our travel history, drug usage (including 'over-the-counter' headache remedies, etc.) and other medical treatments. However, all donations are tested and should anything be found, your donation will be destroyed and you will be informed, in confidence, so you can seek treatment and they will not accept you as a donor again. Despite this much more respectful approach, we are still short of donors!

      It is hard for me to understand the kind of country you live in, you have my sympathy as well as my admiration for sticking to your beliefs in spite of your country!

      • Getting people to fill in a questionnaire is reasonable. In my country, they will also test the blood. If it's found to be HIV+, the blood will be destroyed and the donor asked to return to the clinic for a more definitive blood test. If it's still positive, he will be exposed and publicly prosecuted, whatever excuse he may give. That is of course draconian and unreasonable. My daughter's schoolmate donated blood and it was found to be HIV+. He was summoned to the clinic for further tests. He was terrified. The thought of being publicly prosecuted must have run in his mind. It turned out that the test gave a false positive. I have never donated blood and I won't ever as long as the government takes this totalitarian approach. I don't have anything in my life that can make me even remotely at risk but there is always the odd chance that a doctor's or dentist's needle is contaminated. However small the chance, I don't think it's fair that I should shoulder the full consequence of this draconian law. My country is not as tough to live in as it may appear. It's actually a very good country if you abide by its laws STRICTLY. The cleanliness and the infrastructure and amenities are, as far as I can see, the best in the world except perhaps for Switzerland. The safety and security is second to none. It's a country that has zero tolerance for criminals and I'm fine with that. The only problem is its opposition to nudity. But it's still not as bad as the insane antipathy against nudity in a neighbouring Muslim country.

    • I have donated blood in several countries, and wherever it was, I was always asked to fill out a questionnaire that would (pretty much) have those questions. Luckily, every time I passed the test despite their very stringent safety measures (which is a good thing I guess). Now I am thinking, if we are having a shortage of blood donors, and as a result, a shortage of blood donations, then perhaps allowing people to do it au naturel would be a way out. Well, just my two-cents…

  2. I have a long history of blood donation behind me, but sadly never naked. The sessions are as public as shopping in a supermarket, so cannot imagine it happening unless a Naturist club organises a special session. It could be a good publicity stunt…

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