Warm Christmas

It is extremely rare to have a white Christmas where I live in middle Tennessee. It is likewise extremely rare for the weather to be sunny and in the 70s as it was yesterday. Christmas morning I started out with my usual bath robe but as my wife and I started cooking breakfast and later Christmas dinner, our small house became quite warm. I stepped outside to cool down a bit and realized just how beautiful the weather was. I soon discarded the robe and took the dog for a naked walk around the neighborhood. I was the one naked, not the dog. Typically the 25th of December here is sweater or light jacket weather but to be able to go completely sans all clothing was just heavenly. Because the house was still quite warm as dinner was ready, we moved outside and had Christmas dinner on our deck, yes naked. I sincerely hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas whether or not you had the opportunity to be naked.

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  1. That's the thing about weather, its hardly ever "average." We had a warm November but December was bitterly cold with plenty of snow that doesn't melt between storms. Its nice to know that some people are having unusually warm still.

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