Festive Glee

Just a few days ago our niece Lisa invited us to her place for a Christmas meal. It was a surprise in many ways, we very rarely get around to Lisa's home because of my mobility issues & her work hours issue. The other surprise was that she said it was to be a completely naked meal, her son & her partner were there and so was the secretary of a local naturism group. We sat in a very warm lounge waiting for our naked chef to serve our meal, we chatted about many things which all seemed to have a base in nudity in some area of life or another. The secretary (a Mrs Glenda *****) told us that her son and his wife always have their wedding anniversary night in a different hotel in a major city around the world & they always have a meal delivered to their room and they receive it naked, eat it naked & call for room service to clear away. The only place where they had problems so far was Moscow!
As we sat down to our meal we had a surprise visit from Lisa's neighbour, to see the look on her face when she saw six naked people were sat preparing to eat, was marvellous. She wasn't embarrassed because she had seen Lisa nude before, but to see Lisa's son, her partner & 3 older people all nude aswell made her eyes glow with "Festive Glee"!
We stayed about 3 hours in total, after the meal we cleared away and then looked through several photo's & video pic's that had been taken down through the years. Wonderful
It was a wrench to put clothes on before we left, but it was fun too because some clothing got mixed up, I almost tried to wear my wife's bra!
Let anyone say that when 6 people get naked there's sex involved and I will find 6 people willing to prove them WRONG !

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    • Yes he is the same man, he's okay with us now and he actually has been to club grounds here in the UK. When Lisa wanted to go to a sports complex for a naturist event which was a multi-club gathering, he refused to go, quite adamantly. Lisa went with her son & a couple of friends from about 3 miles away.
      He's a difficult man to work out, but they're both happy enough so that's fine. A convert, in a way.

    • Another feral feeder? We had to spend 4 days at my daughter's home near Sacramento while she drove her friend to Seattle for medical tests.
      We were there to feed her cats!!!
      One of them would come in to eat and then leave. It was cold last week so he even spent one night. He is very skittish but actually slept in my lap!

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