Bodypainting Part II :)

I suspect some peeps on here will like this pic, it’s from a wrestling / bodypainting event at my local nudist club 🙂 Fran the lady in the centre is a glamour model I persuaded to come along, the event had an incredibly good attendance, still scratching my head over that one lol 🙂 These incredibly sporting ladies also participated in a session of nude twister afterwards 🙂 Might post pics of that if people ask really nicely 🙂

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        • OMG the 1970s were FANTASTIC 🙂 Freedom of expression was the order of the day – misogyny, homophobia and racism didn’t really exist, it was cool to be nude, it was cool to be gay, it was cool to be black 🙂 Nudist beaches, clubs and resorts were thronged, people were streaking on the streets and at sporting venues, even middle class women the likes of Erica Roe 🙂 My all-time hero, I so want to meet her for TWO very good reasons lol 🙂

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