Books on Nudism?


What are your favorite books on the history of nudism? I have the following on my reading list:
–"Nudist Society" by William E. Hartman, PhD
–"Naked at Lunch" by Mark Smith
–"Among the Nudists-Early Naturism" by Frances and Mason Merrill
–"Naked-A Cultural History of American Nudism" by Brian Hoffman

What others would you recommend?

4 thoughts on “Books on Nudism?”

  1. “Nature Boy” Based on a true story by Mike Herring – Takes you thru young teen-adult who was raised nudist on a mountain range, family live naked to the elements. As a young man he has never worn clothes, when he becomes a young a adult he wants to learn what life is like in the textile world, with his nudist father’s help, he does so, meets a young lady (virginal) who spends time naked with him on edge of her puritanical town, they decide to marry and live as nudist back where he was raised. Very interesting, easy to read, first book on nudism with a story line – I have ever read. Find it on Amazona a few copies left.

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