Shower Storm Interupted.

I actually prefer to have a shower rather than a bath, which I guess might be a popular option these days. I have to have assistance while I shower due to my mobility problems, most times my wife helps me and then leaves me to sit in the shower in my very own tepid 'rainfall' just so I can imagine again being caught in a forest during a rain storm. (naked obviously). Occasionally my nurse and/or my physiotherapist arrive at my shower time and I can have three different females in my bathroom at once! Today was such a day! My nurse needed to check all of my skin due to an allergic reaction I have to a new drug that I was prescribed. She scanned all area's (except my groins!) and made positive remarks before she walked away. When I had got out of the shower (almost immediately, due to these awkward female interlopers!) my physio asked me to sit on a stool while she examined my leg muscles & observed my lower back movements. In a moment of 'annoyance' my wife interrupted and gasped "Can I please dry Patrick, he doesn't need to be left wet all this time!" I smiled and with a mock puzzled expression on my face I asked quizzically "I didn't have my bench out in the forest storm today did I?"

Thankfully my play-acting is accepted by my very helpful ladies, the physio said that if I were to sit out in a storm on a bench naked, I would probably have the same withered look as many of the tree's"
I wonder. . was that a veiled threat or just her attempt at humour? I insisted on waiting in the bathroom until the two visiting women had left, then I got back into the shower cubicle & restarted my very own 'Rain Storm'. . Wonderful!!

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  1. We're taking a similar path Patrick. Shower to wash in and hot tub in the garden for a soak, although my skin doesn't tolerate very much or either these days. In time, our bath tub will go to make shower access easier. I like the tropical storm idea, its a refreshing thought to keep in mind.

  2. My wife and I are still mobile, but we're getting older and looking to the future. We're planning, in the next few years, to move to a one-story house, and make sure the bathrooms are fitted with a walk-in shower rather than a tub/shower combo just so it will be easier to get in and out.

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