Boy Trouble.. At My Time.

We're often just sat alone each evening happily watching TV. It's very much routine after days which can be really busy with visitors & family calling in or with us going out to hospital consultant appointments. To just lock the door, have a shower, sit calmly on a big comfy settee, seems like the lifestyle we have evolved that suits us perfectly!
On Sunday evening though that all suddenly changed, within a space of around 5 or 6 minutes our niece Lisa had popped in, rushed off some story about having to go to London for 2 or 3 days, then in her unique way she asked us a question having already decided that our answer was totally pointless & would be ignored! She asked us if we would look after her 11 year old son until Wednesday. Before we could venture a reply or seek more of an explanation, she was already heading off out towards her car. Being naked and hobbling due to a sprained ankle, I didn't want to chase through the door after her.
The boy is no trouble, in fact he settles quickly and he's mostly quite helpful. Like his mum he's often undressed within a few minutes of arriving here. We did say that he could watch some dvd's on our tv when we were not watching a particular favourite show, but, the two consecutive ones we have endured today were rather loud & quite 'blood thirsty' maybe we are not 'trendy' or aware of what youngsters watch. Both my wife Rosemarie & myself instinctively stopped the dvd's parade at 7:30pm this evening, the lad protested as much as he dare then reluctantly took away his disc, he went up to his room and all fell silent.
We didn't think about his phone, within 10 minutes 2 of his local pals (boys) were at our door, I told them through a small gap in the door that there was no way were they coming in & he was not going out! The boy heard us, with a bang of his door he yelled something at his full voice and slammed shut his door.
I reckon his mum will need to sort the lad out before his quick temper & noisy retaliations lead him into major trouble.
Are we out of date with young folk? Could we adapt at our mid-60's age? Should the youngster just behave better & not challenge us by inviting pals?
Have you had similar events with children in your home 'unusually'?

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  1. Starting to generalise will make this subject get out of hand real quick. Stick to the point, this kid and his behaviour. Tough love and sticking by what you say, having limits appropriate for his age. Let him enjoy life within these bounds and he might go back to his mother a much better lad, and happier, because someone actually cared enough to make him responsible.

  2. He would have needed to ask your permission first, inviting friends over, especially with your lifestyle. He should understand that. Of course with his mother just dropping him off without warning, doesn't set a good example of respect.

  3. Well, it doesn't seem like 11 is old enough to be going out wandering through the town with friends looking for trouble. At that age I don't remember friends coming over on week nights much either. On a weekend he should have been out and about with friends during the day instead of sitting home watching a screen.

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