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Well, I got fed up the other day. Fed up with not only Facebook’s rule forcing people to use their real name but fed up of keeping my lifestyle hidden from my textile friends and family. The other night I posted this on my textile Facebook account:

“I might lose friends and family but I have an announcement to make. I’m gonna know who my real friends and family are with this. Remember how I have been to you the past 30 years to you. Since I’m tired of Facebook’s censorship and their rule to have a real name, I’m a Naturist / Nudist. Much like clothed people we live our lives the same way but clothes free. I believe that clothes are only needed when it’s cold or the weather does not permit. Non-sexual nudity is my way of life. I will not post like in the past of nude related posts but you need to know that I’m a non sexual nudist and believe in being who I am and wish to stop hiding my way of life. Please do not disrespect my way of life. As a nudist we don’t mind if your clothed. Respect the fact of the matter we rather live clothes free. I’d never judge you, I ask you don’t mine.”

The reactions I got were not what I expected. Rather than people sparking jokes or receiving negative feedback, I got quite the opposite reactions. People were saying things like, “You’ll always be my friend and I got your back”, “You go!”, ” I don’t understand the concept exactly, but we are family so I don’t judge. I just think that as long as nobody gets hurt, it’s all good!”, “this are your choice and I respect, live and let live!!”, “there is so much more to you than meets the eye!”, “A few of my bestie’s are naturists and seem to be more at peace within the group.” and “lol awhile ago i was like “does this guy ever put on a shirt” and now i know!”

So for the rest of you when you feel like you’re ready to break the news to family and friends, Just remember that you’ll truly know who your real friends and family are should you decide to make that announcement.

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  1. Action cures fear…..every time…!! I have mentioned before that my friends know I am a naturist….and they can think of that what they want..But I have one friend who puzzles me…she is very organic…she recently bought goats to produce her own milk and cheese….she eats organic food…grows her own organic food etc etc…and yet,the very idea of me being naked in nature amuses her…!!! I find that really strange..after all,looking after my organic vegetable garden naked is about as organic as it gets.. 🙂

  2. As I have said before Scott I admire your honesty & your style of life. I am so pleased you decided on this course of action and let everybody know what the situation is. There is no wrong in living as a naturist, I have done it ALL of my life, (which up to present is 64 years!). I was so fortunate to have been born to naturist parents, although they didn't even know of words like 'Naturist' or 'Nudist'.
    In more recent years I have been as direct and truthful with people as you have described in your blog. To equal what you say I was amazed how my news was accepted. 90% of people and family were supportive and the other 10% were of little concern anyway, they soon revealed that they have very narrow minds & very bigoted attitudes.
    Its fair to say that the acceptance by some people was tempered with phrases like " As long as you don't expect me to get naked, I'm fine with it." and another one was "I know what living naked is all about but I don't want to see it, please have pants on if we call round!"
    It was the best choice I ever made Scott & I know it is the best one for you. You have my respect as before and now you have much more respect from many people around you, for being forthright & open. Bless you & your wife Scott, I am honoured to know you, friend.

  3. Way to go! That took a lot of guts but I am sure you are breathing a huge sigh of relief now that you are out of the closet. Like the LGBT movement, this is a path we are all going to have to take sooner or later to achieve nude freedom.

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