Britain's Secret Nudist Village

I was looking up google today about Nudist and I found an bit about a secret nudist village here's a little bit about it

At first glance, this sleepy little village looks like any other to be found in the heart of London’s commuter belt.

But the manicured lawns and neatly trimmed bushes are hiding a multitude of skin.

For this outwardly respectable Hertfordshire village is the home of Britain’s oldest naturist colony.

And while you don’t have to be nude to live here – they probably won’t sell you a house if you’re not.

Splashing in the swimming pool, mowing the lawn, even enjoying a pint in the local, its inhabitants are always stripped for action.
But after 85 years of quietly enforcing its undress code, the secret village of ­Spielplatz – the name means playground – is about to bare all to the rest of us for the first time.

Next month it opens its doors for the first time for a no-shorts-and-all TV documentary for More4.

The nudists next door will be exposing to the world what their neighbours, postmen and supermarket delivery drivers get to see every day of the week.

But veteran resident Iseult ­Richardson, 82, who has lived in the village nearly all her life, can’t see what all the fuss is about

please find the link to the information about it plus some photo's

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