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I recently emailed the Cannock chase forestry commission asking if they had a policy regarding nudists/naturists this is there response

"There is no official policy but due to the high number so of visitors and access rights to Cannock Chase it would be deemed inappropriate for nudism/naturism to take place"

I've used Cannock chase for many years now and yes it is well used but there are a few places that see very few visitors, nude hiking is possible I've hiked naked during the week in the main forest and not seen a soul, there are more mountain bikes these days and they come upon you quickly but this is the same in most rural spots, I have never had any problems even on the few occasions when I've been seen

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  1. I've just found this blog, but did my first naked walk on Cannock Chase back on 25th March (a Wednesday). I was able to walk for most of the day without being seen, by avoiding the popular paths. My 'reward' for this was seeing and photographing several deer and a robin, quite apart from the lovely views and the natural reward of being naked.

  2. I hear you but you must at least respect others that use this area as they may not feel comfortable with a nude person. Last week Monday, the family and I invited my father in law for a walk in a fairly remote wilderness area. I spent most of the time nude. However we came across a group of hikers who did not appreciate my nudity. In fact the one guy that was ahead saw I was nude. A few minutes later he reapperaed and asked me if I was covered as there was ladies in their group. At this stage I had put on a pair of shorts. After walking past the group I removed my shorts again.

    So in respect of others you may need to cover up.

    • I know what you mean Brent, I went through similar events. Yet Im not completely sure it is a matter of respect. Thats because Im not sure that the right not to see someone naked is a right at all. To me is infact like asking all dogs to be painted red so not to offend the ones who dont like them black.
      Nature made me naked, shouldnt I ask my fellows to respect that?

      • Unfortunately in our current day and age the general population looks upon nakedness with various negative connotations. It may take a while for them to see the light.

        In some countries homosexuality carries a prison sentence whilst in other you a free to marry your life partner. But if you think of about 10 years back, homosexual marriages in most countries were illegal. I'm sure that the argument they used is similar to yours – "shouldn't I ask my fellows to respect that?"

        So I maintain that out of respect we, the minority and not accepted in mainstream yet, should respect others. After all respecting others in this situation is, I believe, the right thing to do.

        In your own house it's another story!

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