Changing attitudes

Today, in England, if a fellow walks down the street naked he is sometimes arrested.
We have had people in this country convicted (the lowest level court, not a jury trial) just for being naked.
I wish it were not so.
Why can't people see that nudity is not indecent, perverted, disgusting?

It struck me that 50 years ago, if two men had kissed each other in the street, they might have been arrested.
There would have been people saying 'Disgusting, perverts, should be locked up..' etc..
But now, in 2013, it is perfectly acceptable. It's legal.
There possibly still are people who think 'disgusting, perverts, etc.', but they have no say in the matter, the law protects the innocent (i.e. two innocent men in love).

How did the gay community bring about this change?
Perhaps we could learn from them.

I do truly hope that we nudists can bring about a similar change for OUR alternative lifestyles.
And that it doesn't take 50 years!
(Actually, I think we nudists are in a better position than gays were 50 years ago. It might not need much of a push to make a lot of progress. Nudity isn't actually illegal here, but the judiciary seem happy to consider it a public order offence)

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  1. I'm curious whether any of this is covered by the Human Bill of Rights. I've looked but only found freedom of religion and the right to practise without persecution. From what I can make out, at least in local law, it doesn't need to be a formal or organised religion.
    A thought I've had based on this is if you needed a legal umbrella, you could state that Naturism is your religion. Increasingly I generally consider this to be the case for myself. I haven't entirely thought out the premise or principals, but at its core is healthy wholesome living and restoring a natural state that many if not all indigenous people's lived by in one form or another.

    Meanwhile I need to put some serious thought into the hiking group.

  2. The comparison with the gay struggle is very valid. Stonewall amongst others has done a very good job. However, it seems to me that one organisation campaigning would be ignored, “well they would say that, wouldn’t they”. If the clamour comes from various directions and of different complexions it may be more effective. Politicians only react to votes so as we are a minority we must be seen to be allied to other groups campaigning for freedom from oppression. Groups that come to mind include that to change Section 5 of the POA and perhaps even Liberty.

  3. I agree. But we need more open activities rather than sheltered and hidden behind gates and walls. Nonlanded clubs that actively organize swims, hikes, bowling, dinners, etc are needed for a more public appearance. The public needs to know our numbers are large, world wide and legit.

  4. We do have a naked walking group in England called the 'Singles Outdoor Club'. But their policy is to cover-up whenever they encounter someone. For me, this is just the same as hiding in a nudist colony. It goes along with the assumption that there is something wrong with nudity.

    • Back in the "good old days", many more nudist groups would go naked hiking. They would often send a man out front, and another out back, to scout for textiles. Naturally as soon as one was spotted, they'd run back to the group and everyone would get quickly dressed.

      This sends entirely the wrong message about the activity.

  5. I'm inclined to think that a preliminary step is probably consolidation of forces so people can be effective bringing about change.
    As an individual, my level of commitment needs to be extremely high to take on the status quo. Working within a group, one has a support network that offers numerous advantages.
    Online communities such as these are good for bringing people together. What I'd absolutely love is the networking functioning to a point where hiking groups are possible within my local area. This then facilitates the ability to be out in the public eye not as an individual committing a criminal offence, but as a group who are redefining what is acceptable.
    One group who appear to have made a big difference in their realm of influence are the naked vegan cooking group in the UK.
    I'm sure I'm not the only naturist in the A.C.T. I know for sure I'm not, but connecting with others isn't that straight forward. What's more, those that do live locally may not be interested in making any change. I think it's a worthwhile cause, but requires some commitment and group momentum to succeed, or at least have half a chance of doing so.

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