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I'm curious whether anyone else has noticed how much better the body is at establishing and maintaining a comfortable body temperature when naked, without feeling too hot or too cold.
I used to be extremely sensitive to cold, and with the slightest chill would pile on clothes or turn up the heater.
What I've noticed with autumn temperatures coming in, and more time active and naked, I don't notice the chill nearly as much. The other day I went hiking naked when it was 10C and felt quite comfortable.
Monday I spent the whole day naked, and as the evening set in, even camping outdoors, an evening naked walk was quite comfortable. I find this quite astounding. What I noticed is that rather than feeling uncomfortable, coldness is simply another sensation my skin senses. More than this, it isn't a chill that causes shivering, it really is just feeling a different temperature.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'd be very interested to hear your views.

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  1. I agree sharing the issue is a good idea. If you really care for your partner, then gender doesn't come into it. You each share the others experiences. At least you should be unless you relish being on the brunt of those experiences 🙂

    I can relate to the foot situation. I may have already made the comment above that if my feet get cold I can't feel warm until I warm them up. If I keep my feet warm, the rest will feel okay unless it is really chilling.

  2. In the back of my mind I'm aware I'll be experiencing this second hand. I'm somewhat oblivious to the finer details. In general terms, how long has the erratic body temperate thing being going on Yvonne? Any idea how much longer it might last? As understand it everything settles back down after the actual event, but the precursor can be quite a mystery tour.

  3. I routinely snowshoe naked (see my blogs) in temps hovering at 0 C and just above for many hours at a time. I find it most comfortable, the deal breaker being a stiff wind. Far preferable to wrestling with constantly adjusting layers of cold sweaty duds. I find it best, and essential for me to have my clothes dry and at the ready, for when I stop for a rest break under such conditions to avoid a sudden chill. Keeping moving while naked in winter conditions, one works up a sweat. This layer of water may help in keeping one's body warm for the time that one is moving, perhaps like the water trapped in a diver's or surfer's wetsuit. It certainly aids the body in its proper regulation of core temperature. What confirms your observations to me Shane is that by merely adding something as minimalist as a loin cloth or pair of shorts, throws off the entire balance of things. I find myself feeling colder and far less comfortable within minutes of doing so.

  4. I have found that I can go nude outdoors in cooler temperatures than I would care to put up with indoors with clothes on. Although when I go out I at first might feel too cool my body quickly adjusts. I think it has to do with my body getting a strong enough temperature input to fire up my metabolism. Of course I can be more comfortable in hot weather without clothes.

  5. I find naked hiking fine down to about 10 C. if there's no wind. Below that a t-shirt starts to become useful.

    What is interesting though, is that even when it's raining you can be quite comfortable naked hiking, (within reasonable temperatures). I've been out naked hiking and met people looking very uncomfortable covered in all their layers of plastic. And my clothes were still dry in my rucksack 🙂

    • Rain can be one of the best times to head out as you'll often have trails to yourself. The one drawback of being in an Alpine region is that any time other than summer, the rain is freezing. Wind and rain where I hike will bring on hypothermia. It's just a matter of being prepared for the conditions.

  6. This is all great feedback. My own theory is that the body is extremely well equipped to moderating its temperature, but clothes interfere badly. Anyone that's free hiked in warm temperatures will know how effective a light breeze and mild sweat keep you from sweating profusely. No sticky horrible clothes either.
    What I'm discovering in colder conditions, and you have all confirmed, the body has a great way of maintaining a comfortable temperature without resorting to goosebumps.
    If you're active, this natural warming works in really cold temperatures. When inactive, a chill might start, but if you warm yourself back up again by way of a hot shower, you can go another 45-60 minutes without feeling uncomfortable.
    Interestingly, in the morning, if you don clothes you'll feel the cold. If you don't, your body seems to adapt to the temperature.
    All interesting stuff 🙂

    • I fully agree with this. On occasions that I have donned clothing soon after getting up for the day, I am more likely to feel cold, sooner. If I remain nude my body seems to adapt and a day at home is spent comfortably without clothing, even when temperatures dip quite low and there is no heating on. Though I think the ability to do this is increased by having done so regularly over time.

  7. What I've read is hot shower, naked in bed to get the best sleep. As I understand it, body temperature drops when you're sleeping and this is an important process. When conditions permit, losing bed covers is even more beneficial.

  8. Summer is the problem, when there's nothing more to take off! But yes, so much better without anything. The first thing I cover when temperature drop is my body – no need for bottoms.

    • I find that as well. If your torso is taken care of, everything else is fine. The only exception is my feet. If they're too cold, I can't feel warm or comfortable until they're no longer two blocks of ice on the end of my legs. So top and socks.
      I don't mind heat. I'd rather be too hot than too cold.

      • It is not unknown for me to don socks first in my desire to remain as naked as possible for as long as possible, cold feet really affect my overall comfortableness. It may create a strange image, but I don't mind as long as I am as nude as possible.

        At other times it is just a t-shirt that warms me sufficiently.

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