Cliff? No thanks!

Just seen a picture that Bernard posted of himself in NEWT 2009.
He's standing on the edge of vertiginous precipice. A step away from a free-fall to the afterlife!

Now, I'm going on this walk this year, but I hope we don't have to take a path up there!
I am alergic to Cliffs.

If your going to walk up the north face or the Eiger or something, I'll stay back at camp and do some basket weaving or something (if I remember to take my safety glasses) 🙂

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    • I saw a film of Eric Jones soloing (!) the Eiger Nordwand in winter. WTF! That was AMAZING. He followed the "normal" route, which was death for so many people, and he went up without ropes or any support except his crampons and a pair of ice-axes. Absolutely incredibile!

      Just like Spiderman, but real.

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