Combining interest with nudity.

This coming weekend the weather looks good considering we are entering into winter. So after some careful planning we are going to do the Striptease Walk in Tsitsikamma but we will be combining it with Geocaching.

Yep, I got permission to place caches along the walk so with my father in law possibly tagging along we are going to place some geocaches.

For those who don't know what Geocaching is about the best description I came across is: Using multi million satellite to find a plastic container hidden in the woods.

I believe that this is the only clothing optional geocache series in South Africa. and naturally I'm going to hide them in the nude as well.

I'm so excited that I am able to combine my 2 favourite past times into one.

4 thoughts on “Combining interest with nudity.”

  1. I often go geocaching with my eldest daughter, her partner and friends. Sadly none of them are Naturists even though they are all used to me wondering around the house & garden naked, so geocaching is a clothed pastime for me. 🙁

    Have fun and I hope your efforts encourage other geocachers to go naked!

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