First Night Out…

As some of you may know, last Saturday evening was my first time going to a naturist/nudist gathering. I've always been pretty comfortable in my own skin and have spent plenty of time at home in the nude and well as walking and hiking in local parks in the buff. But this was going to be a whole new experience.

Being naked in front of one or two people has been fine, even when being surprised by non-nudists while hiking. Going out to a large gathering, and I realize they all think the same as me, was going to take a little work on my part. I've always had a slight fear of being in large groups and crowds. I've done photos presentations in front of groups of twenty to fifty before, with great stress and shaking hands, but seemed to make it out with few scars and no bleeding.

This night I was going to be with a group and be naked and not worry. After driving past once not wanting to be the first to arrive, I turned around and got up the courage to dive in. I parked my car, grabbed my bag of treats to share and my backpack to put my unneeded clothes in and headed in. I was a little taken aback at first to see a number of clothed folks there…was I in the right place? Did I misunderstand the purpose of this party? Oh well…breathe…

I greeted a couple of people that were sitting by the door, introduced my self nervously to a couple more and placed my snacks on the food table…still dressed. Then I noticed a few nude and semi-nude guests and thought, enough dawdling! I found a seat, put down my towel and simply undressed. No big deal after all. AND I was sooo much more comfortable.

I introduced myself to more folks, passed out a few cards with my blog and photo info on them and met a couple of birders. They had a DJ and many were on the dance floor. Being extremely uncoordinated, I managed to avoid that part. What a great and friendly group they were. I had such a nice time that I joined the North Coast Naturists and I'm looking forward to attending more of their events…a few outdoors this summer. Oh to be outside in the sun and fresh air without worry of offending anyone!

Hey everybody…I LOVE BEING NAKED!!

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  1. I love to dance and have done so at a resort. The dj would play "You can leave your hat on" and out would come a basket of hats! You would put one on and dance to the song with only your hat on! Fun! My favorite partner was a statuesque gal named Dayna and we would have so much fun together! sHE GOT MARRIED SHORTLY THEREAFTER AND MOVED AWAY BUT WE STILL OCCASIONALLY KEEP IN TOUCH! OOOPS! CAPS LOCK STUCK!

  2. I haven't arrived naked at a large gathering like that but it never took much longer than 2 minutes to get naked once indoors. It is true that when you are naked in a group of naked & clothed people you tend to forget your own nudity. I think this is because being naked is our most natural status. I have in fact notice persons feeling 'Awkward' 'Uncomfortable' 'Uneasy' when they are dressed talking to a naked person. I prefer to think it is their own clothing that is making them feel conspicuous and
    they are actually afraid of their own internal desire to join in.

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