It says blog, but I'd rather post a draft (!) poem here. Free verse is usually my style, playing with double meanings and idiomatic phrases and some alliteration. I do not force myself to make end rhymes or a particular scheme. And usually I adjust my poems after a few weeks, months or years when I reread them. This is why I call this poem a draft.
Inspired by the double(?) perceived harassment story of Antonio Garcia.

This is my bare body that our common
mother Nature and father Time
gave me when they introduced me to life

This bare body needs to be warmed
in winter with clothing and
with love – during all seasons –
warmed by my own mind and emotions
warmed by other people’s perceptions

My body is making me live
the life that was given
without my permission
So, please…
excuse me that I’m here
enjoying the atmosphere
free just like you
to contest the nudity taboo

Please, because I know there are several poets active on this site:
any feedback is welcome: regarding content and regarding style.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I understand the on-going revision process as I do the same. But I am not a poet! Sometimes the inspiration just comes and I write it down. I will share something I wrote back in December 2015 in a blog post here as you have done and see what response I get – including yours, I hope! it its titled "Total Joy"!

    • "when it is offered"?. What do you mean? Sounds like a way of saying "when it is published" or "when it is totally finished"? In the first case: my poems have never been officially published and in the second case, as I wrote: I tend to rewrite my poems whenever I feel like it, so it would take a lot of time to say that my poems are ever finished…

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