Posted In My Walnut Shape

We sat talking till after midnight last Friday. It is rare for me to be still up & about after 10:30pm, so rare that even last new years eve I was in my bed at 10:20pm ! However, my wife and my niece got around to discussing far flung and sometimes long deceased relatives who have experienced naturism. It is widely accepted that we are a 'naked family' as we are often called by local voices. It had began as a fairly entertaining series of stories about life as a child & as a teenager, also around how these age groups have varied in each generation. My wife & myself were born in the early 1950's, my niece was hatched in 1970. Her son first exercised his vocal range in 1988. So all of us had so many interpretations of (naked)life. Somehow we got into discussing a cousin who emigrated to New Zealand in 1980 with a Maori woman, he objected to exposed flesh between armpit & knees. Yet his bride to be had shown us photo's of her family in traditional wear, most females with bared breasts and several men with penis protruding from scant cover.

As 12:45am arrived a very sleepy niece lifted her contorted self from her wicker seat and asked if she had 'patterns' on her bottom? as she bent & turned half around I gave her a gentle slap on her thigh, she pounced onto me as if she were a tiny child of many years ago! I felt almost crushed underneath her weight and her breast pushed into my face almost suffocated me! I tickled her around her waist in her most 'ticklish' parts and the laughter of her childhood years seemed to momentarily return. My wife reminded us both of our now 'senior' bodies and began to be concerned that I might be injured due to my already damaged skeletal frame being week. I managed to get Lisa to move off me and I slowly got my tired old naked torso to move away from the sofa.

We all made our various ways towards bedtime, laughter still filling the night air, the playful pat of my wife's hand across my wobbling belly was enough to cause more giggles. As Lisa moved to her bedroom at the very back of the corridor she waved and blew a kiss towards us, that few seconds brought back so many reminiscences in a quick 'flash'! That evening itself has become a "memory" of happiness. Another thing to post into my weary brain where it can be accessed when spirits are low, with all its laughter attachments it will sit in my 'hard drive' until some 'virus' invades my bald head & walnut shaped brain.
Goodnight my happy moments, I will visit again!

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    • I got a new scanner this year, so one of my projects is going through and scanning all of the old photos, slides, etc. that I got from my parents (and from my earlier days). Once done, I'll burn some discs to send to my siblings so we'll all have copies. I'm also posting some of them to facebook albums as I go, so they can see them in progress.

  1. I love the number of different ways you found to say when someone was born. My favourite has to be "first exercised his vocal range", brilliant!

    I have long thought that Naturism is, in part, about returning to the innocence of childhood; your story seems to reinforce that view. Thank you.

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