Walk The Tears Invisible

Although the heavens opened and rain lashed down so heavily we walked, naked hand in hand through twisting & turning paths. The sparse canopy of branches offered little shield, though we preferred that way. One of the very real advantages of rain cascading over my nakedness was that my tears were invisible! Even though a man isn't supposed to cry and certainly not give way to such emotions that create tears, I certainly felt those surges run right through my core.
Walking with a beautiful woman in gardens that our maker alone could have created, I saw these wondrous sights through blurs and mists. Her words had been carefully selected, her methodical manner & her exactitude with even the simplest of words & sentences made the news even more painful to bare. Was she devoid of tears herself or did the cascades wash her face too? The march of words from those lips that I had tasted, seemed too cruel to emanate from there. We walked onwards in silence then, our route curved and rambled in natures city of trees, though not a soul else did we see it mattered not. It was within our hearts & minds that populations of thoughts & questions crossed & burned away.
In her first three words of our naked storm laden trek my heart was scarred, eternally. "I HAVE CANCER". My head had searched for responsive words, I mumbled incoherently at first… 'what.. why.. how.. but who..' not one sentence emerged. We hold on to each other now, tight embrace, bodies absorbing each other, lashed together with rods of rain & pelted with the rocks of damnation. I would not care less if we were never parted, standing naked entwined, though we may expire together we would know love united, not death.

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